The administration has been starving America for the past 4 months. The damage is outrageous enough to cause millions to suffer everyday. Millions are becoming sick every week. Millions go hungry everyday, and millions are on the streets.

The senate could easily pass a relief package that could in fact stop most of this starvation. But it does not, because there is an outcome they are counting on. The exhaustion and evictions of people, in a particular state. Voter suppression is far higher than anyone could imagine.

There are 240,000,000 people of voting age in our country. Approximately 160,000,000 voted, from all parties. That leaves 80,000,000 people who either weren’t registered, or were registered and didn’t vote.

In all states evictions, which are not being reported on any longer are at 30 million at this point. That is a tentative number, but as of September 1st, there were 22 million evictions, and a projected 18 million by Election Day. Even with a projected 8 million, we have reached at least 30 million total evictions.

Besides the simple fact that this is a reduction in eligible voters, the numbers of people who will be able to vote in any kind of run off are reduced even further. It has the effect of using a bomb to kill hundreds of fish so there is one fish for dinner.

The food crisis is enormous. Food banks for people who are now experiencing a loss of unemployment is astounding. People as they lose homes, lose the ability to provide food. People with homes are unable to eat, because landlords and banks are evicting everyone they can, to retain the property as assets. Because of that, people don’t eat in order to have a home.

In disadvantaged neighborhood, there are evictions, no food, and covid at rates that are simply devastating. The communities are pulling together, as they always do to feed the destitute, the homeless, the hungry. A simple swipe of a pen would change all that.

An easy solution is to pass the Heroes Act, even if it is reduced, and get some unemployment relief to people now. The other simple solution is to enact the Defense Production Act for food relief, and get the supply chain opened for free.

Here is why.

Food distribution goes from farm to table through a chain of events. Very few items go from farm to delivery truck. There is a distribution network, such as raw vegetables being processed and flash frozen. Mega farms, owned by holding companies, own the entire process from land, to farm equipment manufacture, to water supply, to pesticide companies, to processing companies.

The processing companies, own plastic manufacturing (bags), flash freezer manufacturers, trucking companies, and in the end can manage the supply chain for free. And they would still make billions.

The companies that are not seen as being owned by a farm, in the supply chain, say they can’t function during the pandemic. They absolutely can – even from past net gains – but in reality because it costs them nothing to produce the food.

This model could then be used for housing, where the chain of payments, runs down the line to the poorest, and those most depleted of funds right now.

In the chamber this is well known. And forcing the population into a state where it must pay, or die, is the way to make sure the supply system remains squarely in the hands of those who own it. In evictions, its the banks, in food its the holding companies, in healthcare its the health insurance industry.

We the people give these organizations the power to wield in this way. And those in power don’t realize how they damage their own initiative by doing this. Instead of opening the supply chain and feeding millions, they demand we pay them, what they themselves could provide, and reduce the chances for long term income far exceeding a short term windfall.

The net outcome, is those in power, who align with this type of economy, will make sure people are starving in general, of food, of homes, of healthcare. To make up for loses they didn’t really have, and never will.

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The Eviction Lab, covers 25 Cities, out of the 19,000 in our country – the highest populations are in 14 cities and these are where Black, Hispanic and Indigenous populations are the most prevalent. Those cities are where the most evictions are happening right now.