The indictment Wednesday in the Breonna Taylor murder case from the Grand Jury was so completely wrong it proved, they were not considering someone’s life had been taken.

As Joy Reid from MSNBC declared, that the announcement from the AG in Kentucky had seen this as part of a tragedy, Part of a National Story. Not the actual killing of another human being. The story from The Hill includes the deeper understanding of Reid in all national initiatives. The way the Taylor Indictment was presented only accentuates the base disregard for human life in Louisville.  The entire process resulted in a ridiculous indictment.

Reid outlines the simple path forward, vote them out. Grassroots programs across all white supremacist leaning jurisdictions.

In The Victim Report we seek to understand the desire of authority to control absolutely those they are sworn to protect. The entire structure of the process in the Breonna Taylor murder is simple and completely broken.

On the night of Breonna Taylors death these things happened.

A crack dealer, well known to police, was arrested. In order to not go back to jail that drug dealer made a list of co-conspirators. This list was than written into five separate warrants, within the hour. Those warrants were then checked by a supervisor, who was supposed to check backgrounds on the suspected co-conspirators. They were not.

The Clerk at the District Attorney’s office was contacted, who was supposed to check the validity of the warrants, for special circumstances, such as deep surveillance and accompanying evidence, they were not. The DA then signed off on the warrants, which were not checked for the dangerous circumstances that required police to not announce themselves, they were not.

At 11pm on the night Breonna Taylor was killed – the fifth person in authority – the judge – signed off on the use of deadly force on five warrants. None of the backgrounds and histories of any of those suspected locations was ever made, not one.

That is either a complete lack of competency, or an utter disregard for human life. In the main, every person in that chain of authority, from the police officers to the judge, decided not only were these people guilty, they could be killed if the police decided they should be.

Unfortunately, people don’t understand the process here is what created the circumstances that leads to death at the hands of frightened, adrenaline pumped people, who forced most of the circumstances to happen in the first place.

The Victim Report has worked with first responders, in all branches of emergency services. Not one of these warrants needed to be served that night. The process is made as if a war is being waged, and fall out is human life. This excites the people involved in the process, makes them feel powerful. We don’t like to make claims, but we are beyond that now.

They force their power over others, exactly because they feel powerless. Even the mild rebuke will confuse them. The analogy is, you always bring a boy a plate of food, throughout childhood, into adulthood. If you require them at some point to cook for themselves they become confused, and then angry, and finally offended.

It is psychology 101 and just because its a cop doesn’t exempt them from normal human processes. In fact, they should be far more circumspect because of the weight of responsibility of power. But they are not, because they are still little boys, who are offended you questioned their right to be served a plate of food instead of making it themselves.

The vote will solve this, a restructuring of all levels of policing, through an agency like the Department of Diversity. See our Petition link in the main menu

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