A Detroit judge in a somewhat shocking move has granted a partial restraining order to the group “Detroit Will Breathe” against Police in the city. The order in part bans the use of striking weapons, chemical agents, chokeholds, and rubber bullets, against demonstrators, medical personnel and legal observers.

The Judge, Laurie Michelson, a U.S. District Court justice, granted the order Friday evening. The complaint says in part that police were using, “beatings, tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, sound cannons, flash grenades, chokeholds, and mass arrests without probable cause.” against peaceful demonstrators and those aiding injured demonstrators and recording events. Although, not a popular analogy here in the United States, these are often the type of tactics used in authoritarian countries, to put down protests against widespread oppression.

Siting breaches of “First and Fourth Amendment rights” Detroit Will Breath, filed with the Eastern District of Michigan courts. The events in question were between May 29, an June 2, specifically July 10 and August 22.

The ruling Judge Michelson set forth said “The Court finds that temporary injunctive relief is warranted and grants in plantiffs motion for temporary restraining order.” The Order was enacted immediately Friday evening for a minimum of 14 days.

Detriot Will Breathe said of the order “It is a victory to be sure, but it is the first battle in a long war.”

In a quoted statement to Associated Press, the Detroit Police Chief James Craig, that how his officers handle protests will not change, because they only use force when the protesters are not peaceful.

There is growing evidence, in many cities including Detroit, that outside groups, aligned with police, and even police themselves in plain clothes will incite some kind of violent destruction or damage. Then police can claim protesters are not peaceful, and force of all kinds is warranted.

Incidents in NYC have shown police vehicles deliberately driving into crowds of protesters, who were just standing around, being completely peaceful. Force by police ensued afterward.

Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha Wisconsin, in an unprovoked attack killed a protester shooting him in the head. He then shot two other protesters and police then had to use force to contain the peaceful protesters. During the attack by police on peaceful protesters, Rittenhouse walked away and was brought home and allowed to go to bed.

In Detroit an officer was charged with unprovoked attack against journalists, shooting them with rubber pellets, while they were showing their credentials. This incident happened as the protest the journalists were covering had been winding down.

This is a pattern of behavior meant to cause the police to attack peaceful protesters, to have something to report as rioting. Because in all cases, there is a plan behind police tactics.

The Reuters Article contributed to this writing.