Resources for Victims

Our Resources for Victims has a number of national contacts for victims of all types. Please reach out anytime, to them for any kind of situation. Don’t be afraid to seek help. It’s not easy, but courage and bravery are never easy.  And usually not what people who enable abuse want or desire. But you can free yourself, and others in similar circumstances by reaching out.

National Helpline

The Hotline


ChildHelp Hotline


ElderCare, ACL Gov

Veterans Crisis Line

Suicide Preventions LifeLine


We will be updating resources all the time, so check back often as you can for the latest additions.

s a vicinanza

I have found, from speaking with thousands of people since 1994, that no one plays the victim, that is impossible. Some people manufacture pain, to cover a deeper pain, that is hard to face. When we accuse people of playing a role, it is good to know, how that role manifested. There we find the attack, in whatever form that may be, that created the victim, every time.