In today’s extended Moments there is: Dog orders Ice Cream. Bird gets a hand out. Baby gets a music lesson. A romp in Goatopia. Lost billy finds his mom

Every kids dream pet, during dinner. You just know this truck comes right at dinner time.

Trust is a beautiful moment of love between the unknown and the known.

This baby knows when she is being offered the gift of music.

And you thought the only thing in WV was coal mines. It is a beautiful place, like so many places we stereotype. The loudest voices in a room are usually the least informative.

The Light of God. You don’t believe in God? no? We can call it what we want, refraction, science, miracle, its all the same, beautiful.

Billy’s romping to the vibe in Goatopia – funny how Goatopia is just a barn on a farm, maybe we could all use a new image of Utopia.

In Goatopia, Billy gets lost, but finds his whole family, with help from some strange beings – humans.

Here are some more Moments to think about

Moments of Humanity