196.8 billion dollars is being paid to 328 million people in $600 payments.

486 billion dollars of 900 billion in the stimulus bill is left over from the the original monies for #PPP, from back in March 2020

That is a total 652.8 Billion that is allotted to direct relief

That leaves 347.2 billion for $300 per week in unemployment, but most of the that money, twice as much as the stimulus payments will go to other areas in Government. 700 billion in a accompanying bill is going to Defense. It just is not necessary, that money, all of it, could be applied to the funding the federal government and paying $4,000 – $5,000 in stimulus, to everyone right now. 

I know the numbers are deeply skewed and reports are varying by millions. That being said there are right now 18 million people evicted from their homes. Most of those people are POC. 22 million are being evicted by January 3, 2020. That is the total 40 million that was reported earlier this year. This round of stimulus payments won’t cover two months of the six many people are facing.

The #PPP was dispersed to many large companies. It was so badly handled that $486 billion wasn’t distributed, while 20 million small businesses have gone or will go under by January 20, 2021.

The banks involved in distributing #PPP have a set criteria, for assessing the profitability of any loan. It is well known in the banking world. Well known to all of congress since banks have been in existence. The largest one company loans are more profitable than hundreds of small loans totaling the same amount.

It simply didn’t pay to help the small businesses. Congress, house and senate, are well aware of this criteria. They made no provision for this banking process. In fact until it became known that companies with enormous resources had gotten large #PPP the congress were publicly congratulating themselves for a program they must have known couldn’t work.

So the small businesses were denied loans or just delayed in bank processing so long they passed the deadline to file. Hence the huge $486 billion ended up undispersed. No one got it. The tens of thousands of small businesses that could have had that opportunity to stay in business went under. Now the country is poised to do it all over again.

The part that is so disturbing many of those directly effected by the badly developed relief package are both sides of the aisle. It doesn’t really matter who you are, a whole contingent of powerful people are deciding you don’t matter.

An example are the mega-farms. These are thousands of acres of land owned by a food holding company, usually called private equity firms. These companies own all the companies involved in food production. Everything from seed generation, to packaging, to the trucking companies and distributors who deliver the food. Because they own the complete processing cycle the production costs them nothing. Henry Ford discovered this with building cars.

If every company in the holding company portfolio, maybe twenty, received $10 million dollars in #PPP and the parent company, the farm, was bailed out for 50 billion, and reduction for tariffs was levied, the company just received about 53 billion in incentives. Because the supply chain the mega-farm owns was supposedly broken by not being paid to run, due to shut down then the mega-farm destroys all the food. It then claims that food a loss and receives a tax credit equal to the full cost of production. That is just one company.

The congress, all of it, couldn’t justify payments of $1200 to 328 million people for a total 393.6 billion dollars not even half of what the private equity companies get in tax credits, not to mention huge sums for executives.

The mega- wealthy, 614 people, made 1 trillion dollars in net cash in their pockets since March 2020. 40 million people are being evicted, 30 million jobless and 20 million are starving. Time to put those numbers up in front law makers.

Vaccines won’t be available until May 2021, 200,000 people get Covid-19 everyday. The truth is we will at the rate of increase of the increase there will be 600,000 dead by March. Millions will have long lasting or permanent or deadly secondary and post illnesses.

There is hope with conscious effort. Contact your reps, please wear the masks. It will be bad economically and physically, how bad is entirely up to us.