Chicken is called protein or meat.The chicken itself has no say, no right. The chicken can fight you with all it’s might; however, it’s up to the person/system that named it “Meat” to change that label. Entertain this for a second, what should the chicken do? How can the chicken change it’s name? Even if the chicken magically disappeared, wouldn’t there be a replacement, for said Meat? To change the label Meat/ protein wouldn’t you have to change the system that labeled it Meat?

Living under blue skies should exist for all. It a simple concept.

Just like the chicken didn’t know it was born to be meat. No black person is born to be abused. There will always be countless stories of abuse. But what event will truly be The Last Straw??? I can tell you my life story the story of others. But it is about change, that’s the goal.

The weight of being black affects every aspect of my life, work, housing, dating. It’s not just about doing the right thing all the time. If you watch someone 24/7 you will see them doing something wrong, one day because their human. But when your black your mistakes cost you years; years to get back the job, years to save up to move again and again.

The Weight of Being Black On The Job

I worked at a hotel, cleaning the bathroom, this man from the UK walks in. I didn’t understand his facial expression at the time, he said “ gotta pee, wait here”. He comes back, says “ why the fuck are you cleaning the bathroom, your the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen”. Hands me a $50, me being on the clock reply “ life you know how it is”. He talked to the manager and said I shouldn’t be just the bathroom girl. Later that week, all tips must be reported and people will be reassigned moving forward. That’s the story of too many. It’s not about the money, it’s about growth.

The Weight Of Being Black In Situ

The details of that job is, the top boss walk into that bathroom, took one look at me and is expression said it all. I was a black girl with the beautiful black evening gown on pearls to match. We the ability to talk comfortable with millionaires. He tried many different ways to fire me. The first was making or trying to make me sign a form that said I’m a part time worker due to cuts. Of course I questioned it, to the point where my manager realized I knew what it was really about. Then it was the ongoing set up game. In which people would come in and try to make me talk bad about the company, do things that were prohibited, to see if I would do the right thing. And lastly was the “ pay for sex “ offered by customers to see if I would bite.

The Same Story, Different People, Always the Same

Understand, this bathroom attendant job was in Time Square, if I stayed there for a year would have been six figures on tips alone. The money was great but I was there to “meet” the next big job. I have a degree in Science and Math that I have never used, a personality the size of Texas, and the beauty of a model with a dash of hood. That was the danger they saw. But you know how the story ends they didn’t stop until I was out.

That story is one of many, and I’m one of many.