In our extended moments this week – Quick that’s Biden. New meaning to the term strongmen. Senator’s fall, from fear, of falling. Moments of Humanity to fill our day.

Quick It’s Biden

This is awesome encounter and the reality of a great leader. He goes shopping, himself, not with an entourage of armed men and women. The man is not scared folks, he’s out for a few moments to get something from the store.

If this doesn’t show you the difference between people in our government, and media, and hallowed halls of great institutions. Someone who is trying to make sure they stay connected to people, than you deserve what you get.

Even if its staged, it was the right way to stage it, because this says, I understand all of it, not just what I speak, but what I do. He touches humanity, all the time. That scares some people, even though it is meant to be unifying, and is for most of us.

How Real Does This Look

How much emphasis we put on ‘the look” of things is a measure of our ability to face reality. This has got to brighten your day, and should make you question what you are being told.

Don’t believe everything you see, hear, think and feel. Be honest with yourself. If it feels, looks, thinks, and sounds strange, question it, repeatedly if necessary. Even the “good guys.”

Senator Takes a Fall

Got to admit this is a moment we will all remember. It shows how scared he is, not even hidden very well, when if he had spent more time doing the right things, he would have stumbled a little.

Because his body would be healthier, his mind faster, his limbs more supple, from not being spoon fed everything in his life.

That’s what fear looks like in the wealthy and powerful, and we needed to see it. It is a powerful truth, almost all powerful people are this scared.