Wednesday, August 26, 2020 Milwaukee WI 

From Twitter, Facebook and as reported in the Milwaukee Sentinel Journal,

Militia is Domestic Terrorists

Kyle Rittenhouse the 17 year old, who killed two protesters and seriously wounded a third, for no apparent reason, as they were unarmed, has now claimed some type of defense. He has stated he was part of a militia, protecting some property, that does not seem to exist, or hasn’t been named as of yet. This is the worst result of militia interference, and while many have cried out this would be the result, it seems police across the country stand in solidarity with militia.

The Delusion of Police Wannabe Becomes Deadly

It seems from statements he made to media, at the Daily Caller and in video, he fancies himself as a defender of people that are hurt, or need protection. He will “run into harms way” and “gotta protect myself” that is why he had a rifle. While it seems unlikely he would have to shoot any of the unarmed protesters that were no where near his car lot he was supposedly protecting, there does seem to be growing concern that there is great deal of deception in the militia.

The Basics of Creating War

The groups are now seen as heavily armed and actively threatening protesters. Now have become killing. Groups of mostly white protesters, seeming to be splinters of these “militias” are breaking off, joining legitimate protesters and trying to destroy property and become aggressive with their own people. Mostly in attempts to create a war.

Police Want This, War is There Real Desire

The police are actively allowing these tactics, in many instances standing by while militia attack protesters. In 2020 this type of Lynching behavior is unacceptable.

Baiting Protesters By Sacrificing Young People

Reporting on why a delusional, disillusioned youth would shoot innocent people because his manufactured criminalization revealed neither apparent or displayed threat, is not necessary. The attempt at creating war is readily being seen. And the militia will sacrifice as many of these poor delusional young men as possible, until the protesters fight back.

What Can Be Done

Raise Your Voice Not a Weapon

Cautious backing off, linking arms, standing firm, and not allowing the militia to bait the protest will bring the results that are needed. There must be marches, there must be a crying out against injustice. But war will result in one side or another becoming that which we are trying eradicate. There have been enough wars to show, war results in war, racism is racism, attack gets attack, and hate brings more hate.

We have enough death, war will not end it, it will create more.