Friends of Victims: Our Statement

The Goal Of Friends

In the simplest terms Friends of Victims is a place to record, face, heal, unify as one voice. Voices Create Change. Let us begin the journey to dismantle the 400 year old message of supremacy, that effects everyone. Then relearn what it means to be a human, bringing real justice and equality to the world. Lets embed unity and strength, for all Black Lives, and everyone, the people of the world, that Black Lives Matter embraces. Black Lives Matter, for better or worse is the head on the body victim, and it carries that body along with it, giving protest and voice, to abuse, brutality, injustice, and inequality across the globe. 

Friends of Victims is a grassroots program to fight racism, hate, injustice, inequality, and abuse of all kinds. The use of brutality and cruelty in our justice system is unacceptable, and needs to be changed. The rape and brutalization of women, children and men, must be exposed and the system of justice that insulates and protects the rapist and their enablers, must be completely restructured. Victim blaming, victim harassing, revenge and nonconsensual sexual contact, must be named and exposed. Manufactured inequality and grievance must be called out and labeled what it is, racism and behavioral projection. Holding the oppressed to the standard set by the oppressor is just oppression, you can have equal laws if those laws are measured by the oppressor. Take away the oppression, the systemic, embedded inequality and injustice, through reform. 

Record and Disclose

To do these things we must record what has happened. We must fight the system that protects and elevates those who use those methods to oppress people. The Black Lives Matter movement and victims rights advocates are in that fight. We can no longer think that is a good thing that those organizations exist and then move on to the next activity in our lives. Our lives are deeply impacted by the methods, laws, and allowances the police and authorities are given. And the deep seated, systemic racism that exists today within those authorities. 

Giving Voice

In our country, and many places throughout the world the victim is blamed for the crime committed against them. Friends are not responsible for why that happens, there are many reasons.  Friends are committed to giving a voice to those who have been silenced, or worse, blamed for their speaking out against the embedded abuses existent today. 

Taking Back Power

The seizing of power is not a complex process. Those with the most power overwhelm those who are denied that power. This happens in almost every case, except one. When the majority of people deny that power, taking back the power they already have, that they have given to the governing body. The majority will be beaten, arrested, killed, their families will be alienated and their children reviled. They will be blamed and told they are unstable, insane, and without reason. They will be made spectacle of and marginalized. Their story will be twisted and rewritten to suit the powerful, and in the end, they will be labeled subversive and stalked, arrested and jailed. That is how change is met, in the usual manner of delivery. With Friends of Victims, the voice comes first, before the protest, and often times, with a wide enough audience, no protest is necessary. 

Manufactured Inequality and Criminalization

People who enable and justify brutality and rape don’t want to die, be rejected, be told they don’t understand. Many have been taught their whole lives Black people are irredeemable and even if given a chance they will take advantage. This is manufactured inability and criminalization. It is a message of supremacy that runs so deeply in our system of beliefs that those who believe it will kill to make sure that ideology remains the most important belief in their system. 

The Message of Supremacy

Cognitive dissonance is valid, up to a point. Manufactured inability and criminalization is taught over generations – it envelopes an entire people and becomes a message of supremacy that must be maintained at all costs. Victims are at fault for the crime that was committed against them, was learned from the very structures of supremacy that created a society that enslaved its citizens while claiming to provide freedom to all people it enslaved. 

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matters elevates the Black community to seek justice, equality, and humanity from those tasked to protect them, the authorities the country has put in place to complete that task. At friends the thought is this is only possible with very real and plain examples of when that is not happening, when those in some position of trust or authority carry their manufactured inability and criminalization to brutality and rape. 

The Cry For Humanity

Black Lives Matter is bringing a message of unity to all people who seek equal justice. This badly frightens many, because the power within the movement is undeniable. All people are welcome in the Black Live Matter movement. This movement can be seen as a cry to bring humanity to those who have been denied that basic structure of our beings.

Other and Us

The core tenant of a message of supremacy is that anyone who is “other” is inherently less than those that are “us.” If this sounds to vague, to random, be assured it is. Anyone can fall into the category of other, or us, even the racists own people. The Black Lives Matter movement focuses on the Black condition in the USA, because when a particular group of people is elevated to equality and equal justice, their humanity recognized, then everyone is afforded that right. By the nature of that elevation humanity for everyone is achieved. 

The New Warrior

Friends of Victims will bring together the voices of all those who have remained silent, who have been brutalized and raped, and denied humanity because of that. In that place, we are friends, because the new warrior fights with the weapon of truth, justice, and human way. And warriors are the friends of those they protect. 

Who Should Join Us

All are welcome here, no matter your stature, injury, pain or suffering. Bring your light to our people, your people, the world’s people, as friends. We think Unity Through Differences, and Friends of the Victims will win change. Those who live here will find love, and strength to face their tormentors directly, openly and honestly with support – to bring healing. 



God Bless

s a vicinanza


s a vicinanza

I have found, from speaking with thousands of people since 1994, that no one plays the victim, that is impossible. Some people manufacture pain, to cover a deeper pain, that is hard to face. When we accuse people of playing a role, it is good to know, how that role manifested. There we find the attack, in whatever form that may be, that created the victim, every time.