The time between the last $600 federal unemployment assistance, and the next stimulus payment, will cause evictions at a minimum 22 million households. For the 18 million already evicted and homeless, and the new homeless the outlook is grim. Those numbers will reach 40 million.

The Fall Out Begins

There are a number of consequences to evictions.  Even with a stimulus payment by the government.  Those consequences will affect at least  40 million households. The majority of those households are Black, LatinX and Indigenous people.

At Least One Vote In Every Household Is Lost

The thing to remember here is that all those evictions have at least one voting age resident, many with more. You can not sign a lease or get a mortgage under the age of 18. There are a number aspects of these evictions to focus on.

Can Stimulus Save The Day?

The stimulus money, no matter when it comes, can not meet the requirement for establishing residence in order to vote. That takes at least a month. If a person is evicted today September 1 2020, and they are lucky enough to find a place on September 2nd, and they move in on September 3rd, and they can not claim residence until October 3rd and that means they can not file for a new address with voter registration until that date.

Even if they go to the Board Of Elections in their new county, they can not be registered by November 3rd.

How Difficult Is To Establish Residence?

Some of the other fall out from evictions is, there is no way a person can get another place by October 3, which means no registered address by November 3. Many of the unemployed 33 million can not afford a security deposit and first months rent. This will effect the millions in inner cities and other densely populated areas.

Can A Stimulus Payment of Any Kind Help?

24.2 million people are underbanked, even with a stimulus check, there will be no way they can maintain a viable living arrangement. That is especially true if evicted because they have no money. There is no way for those millions to establish a residence by October 3.  There is little chance they could even meet a Nov 3 residence deadline.

The Looming Threats to America

The threats from hunger, disease and death from starvation and exposure, will far out weigh an election. The evicted, who have no bank accounts will have no means to feed themselves, are susceptible to COVID-19 and a myriad of illnesses. These immediately pressing needs are compounded by the urban and densely populated areas that will be hardest hit.

There are reduced healthcare services and shelters in the urban areas. The populations in those areas a mostly Black, LatinX, Indigenous and other minorities. Already suffering from COVID-19, and lack of resources, there is little chance that an election in the main concern for many. Survival is the top priority.

Suburban Areas Can Be Hit Hard

In the suburban areas those living paycheck to paycheck find lack of resources, high levels of COVID-19, no money to maintain mortgages or rent, and an overwhelming lack of basic survival needs. These homes and families are without a doubt as vulnerable to not being able to vote as the urban households. If given a stimulus check of $3400.  Unemployment assistance for 4 weeks of $600 per week, $2400. The total would be $5900 dollars to pay back rent or mortgage. Or move a home and family to a new residence, which usually cost between $6000 to $12,000.

There would be little doubt they could not make that kind of move in time to vote.

Who Knew Evictions Would Deny Votes

The congress, all of it, is well aware of these consequences. They are staggering. There is no human reason to intentionally not drop everything and make sure people survive.  If you are standing on the side of the road, and a truck is barreling down that road with no brakes. It is going to hit an infant, but it will take a day to get there. You pick up the child, no questions asked. Because the truck is coming. Maybe it crashes, but likely it won’t, you don’t hesitate, you pick up the baby.

The Numbers From the Federal Government

There are 151 million working age people in the United States, 30 million are unemployed, 108 million households are in jeopardy of being evicted from rental homes. 25% of 320 million people are either skipping meals or going to food banks, in the month of August 2020.

Due Diligence

A stimulus check, or unemployment help written into law this very moment, can not get these people a vote on November 3, 2020. As always do not believe me, check your local elections board, and the federal statistics which are easy to find.

It seems likely this is an indirectly calculated effort to do physical harm to a voting population.

Please vote, and write us. Take in a family, give them an address, don’t let the vote be the last one in our country.