They still call themselves the Republicans, but as reported on Joy Reid’s TheReidOut, on MSNBC, Mary Trump has described those in the republican party as grooming Donald Trump Jr. The aim is to take over the presidency when Donald Trump Sr dies. There is little to say about that other than, it has nothing to do with a democratic nation. And as we are seeing there is very little about the Republicans that would call them a democratic party. They have become a fringe group based on authoritarian principles, executed with violence, intimidation, and anarchy.

The Good Old Party

Calling them the Good Old Party makes no sense now. Mitch McConnell has hundreds of bills waiting on a vote in the senate. The majority leaders of all the committees in the senate no longer say anything other than what is told to them by press conferences and tweets. The White House no longer functions in any capacity other than to order food for the president or schedule golf events. The entire apparatus is dying before our eyes and still people call them conservative Republicans.


Hurling insults at a president who believes hate is the only true emotion does not produce results. It causes him to create more chaos. He lives for the negative press as much as for the positive. He believes he is the truth, and everything that flows from him brings itself into reality fully formed. That is Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).


When grandiosity becomes a deciding factor in everything you do, you must have an audience to tell you they believe in you. We tend to apply positive aspects to grandiosity, and it does not fit. Grandiosity generates hate, and this hate is evidenced by the push back from the audience. It is normal to hate Donald Trump and he knows this and fosters it. He is the truth, and the truth is hate.

The Administration

The administration knows he is gravely ill, decompensating, using drugs all the time, and they are trying to meet this illness with medication. Large doses of anti-psychotic medications, mixing with large doses of drugs taken through the nose. There is reason to believe injections of insulin (the elite think this helps them lose weight) and finally intravenous doses of minerals and supplements to balance him. He is probably barely involved in strategy or execution of policy. There are others for that aspect of running the country.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Most psychiatrists know, NPD is not a prevalent disorder.  Those doctors sometimes call the heavy use of hate as a malignant aspect, but it is often not well termed. This is a natural if deeply disturbed aspect of NPD, to generate hate. Brutal physical abuse is usually the core initiating component in developing NPD. It is a personality disorder, there are only ten personality disorders, they is no treatment for them, in the main.

The Old Republicans Are Gone

The group that called themselves the GOP are caught up in the affect of the personality disorder. They believe in Trumpism, what he represents to a small but powerful group, mostly made up of groups that are now frowned upon. Fossil fuels, defense contractors, nuclear systems engineers, all the ancillary industries around chemical manufacture, large retail tech. They make an awful lot of money off dictatorships, and authoritarian regimes. Throughout the world the largest corporations, run by the fewest people, help support these regimes.

Real Power

In the United States there are 614 total billionaires. They are collectively worth 2.39 trillion dollars. They have the most power, control much of the worlds economy, and own 80% of the stock market. The other 20% of the stock market is invested in vehicles 401(k), Hedge funds, other funds, who base their revenue on the companies owned by the 80%.

Who Controls The Economy and Culture?

The people who run these companies control our system of life, and don’t like that we require them to perform a certain way. So they are changing that, through Russia, who has the most to lose. Then China, then the United States. Once the United States falls, then the other two descend like scavengers and split it up – whoever is in power in the USA.

Manufactured Inequality and Grievance

They have a dedicated following in the anger of the white community. The long time manufactured grievances and inequality that have smoldered in the white community, fueled by media always demonizing, inflaming, and criminalizing anyone who is “other” has caused a huge rift in our ability to function.

The Republican Reality

The republicans are just following the money, and it leads to a dictatorship. They don’t generally read much, or understand dictators. They are the privileged free, and think they will remain that way.  Other than the police, dictators hate the people who bring them to absolute power. To a one they all kill or jail all the major players in a rise to power. Anyone who corrupted the good guys, anyone who devalued the opposition, who carried the party line, away from their own good commonsense, those people have to go. Because if you can bend them to your will, they are weak, and will bend the other way.

What We Can Do

There is no Republican Party, there is only an Authoritarian fringe group that had once been a political party in our country. The thing we can do about this is simple. We can walk out, sit in, lie down. Ending the economy that the powerful use to control the population is so effective, it has never failed. It can not, because the power of the governing body is an illusion.

The Reality Of Power

Only the people can create an economy, and culture, a way of life, it only matters how bad it has to get for us to act. We are already down to the bottom, in several months, no matter who is in power, our economy will collapse. Do we build from the people up, or do we continue to pay the billionaires, the powerful few, and go through this time and time again, only worse each time. Only we can answer that question, because the only power the governing body has, is the power we give it.


Nonviolent Protest is More Effective Than Violent Protest – Harvard Study