The Definition of Operation LeGend Is Completely Vague and Inadequate, but Telling.

Please read this ridiculous but obviously blanket police agency statement about Operation LeGend. 

Operation Legend is a coordinated initiative across law enforcement to address a recent surge in violent crime.

It was named for 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed while sleeping in his home in Kansas City, Missouri, on June 29, 2020.

These are the cities where federal Operation LeGend are deployed right now.

These are the cities named by the Federal Government

  • Albuquerque
  • Chicago
  • Cleveland
  • Detroit
  • Indianapolis
  • Memphis
  • Milwaukee
  • St Louis
  • Portland
  • Miami
  • Kansas City
  • Seattle
  • Atlanta
  • Charlotte
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Phoenix

There is federal deployment of agents in all 56 cities that hold branches of the FBI in the USA right now.

In these cities there are equal contingents of Proud Boys and QAnon protesters.  Operation LeGend uses federal agents from FBI, DEA, ATF, US Marshall Service. There are sporadic contingents of ICE agents, and all contingents have volunteer members, not assigned personnel. Many of these agents are unidentified, uncommunicative, drive unmarked vehicles and allow violent protest from white supremacist and fringe right wing organizations.

The War Is Coming From Within

This is a force ready for war with an enemy who is neither armed, retaliatory or aggressive. The mobilization of forces, the growing rallies of armed, violent white supremacist groups, who align with the forces, shows a move to consolidate a base.

There is a Base of Militia-based organizations destroying property and causing damage

The base remains the prime effort here, not the suppression of violent protesters, but more and more a small group of white people destroying property and causing damage, while saying they are part of the Black Lives Matter movement. They seem to attack from obvious positions of opposition, with aggression and homicidal desire. And they quietly, secretly attack from within the Black Lives Matter movement, to give the forces that are gathering reason to attack and call for more troops, to quell the violence of those who are not aggressive.

Not a complex initiative

These disruptive elements are at their game that is nothing fancy, not bold, not calculated. They go from protesting Black Lives Matter, to joining Black Lives Matter to disrupt it, the agents take off their uniforms and do the same. The video evidence of this is available to anyone who wishes to view it. Many will not, because we are losing hope.

The Base Is Growing

The base is the growing threat. The unidentified agents are growing by the day, as are the Proud Boys and QAnon. The focus has been on Portland Oregon, but the movement of federal agents, who do not comply with the rules and regulations of agents of the Federal Government, is easily seen. Buses arrive once every few days with 20 to 30 agents. New small crowds of Proud Boys and QAnon come into cities each day, armed for war, and assaulting and attacking the unarmed and peaceful protesters.

How the numbers stack up

In all cities there are three shifts of federal agents from all agencies, at between 100 to 300 total soldiers. The proud Boys are deployed at the same rate. The disruptive elements within the Black Lives Matter movement are at the same level. That is 300 – 900 armed, aggressive, brutal and unprovoked assault troops.

The local police are also involved, and they number between 1,000 and 5,000, also no longer wearing identifying markings, or body cameras and driving unmarked, and unadorned vehicles. For most intents and purposes law enforcement of Black people is very high, while anyone attacking black people and protesters is left strictly alone. Street violence is on the rise as police no longer protect the people in a very heavy-handed attempt to control people who are not breaking the law, but are defying the police authority. This type dangerous pettiness is well known in police unions and it doesn’t help that they have abandoned their oaths because it suits them to brutalize people.

Facial recognition is poorly used

In all cities a very poorly implemented facial recognition program is being deployed against specific people, targeting them. This is commonly known as reverse recognition and is well known as invasive and not recommended for use at any time, no less to identify people in small crowds.  China uses this method to identify people all throughout out their country, to create a “connected” society.

There is an MO

These are simply the actions of a military campaign, whether we call it war, the emergence of war, or a call to arms. This quiet increase in unmarked troops, heavily armed, with proud boys and QAnon, heavily armed and aggressively attacking unarmed people, is a preparation for an insurrection.

There is Precedent

As we have seen similar tactics in other countries, we know, that such as movement of people and arms usually means a battle is about to ensue.

Media Coverage is to Focused

The cities named are not all the cities seeing a mounting of troop movement of federal agents, there are many more. But the media does not tell the entire story, because they will not be able to hold readership. The Proud Boys and QAnon, along with other deeply disturbed and violent organizations are mounting an effort across the country to attack, blame, and eventually kill unarmed, non aggressive people causing good trouble. Sitting in our homes throwing endless insults at the man who is delusional and could never mount such an initiative, is as it sounds, useless. Calling for change helps, but making sure ballots get to Boards of Elections, and streets are filled with protesters goes farther. If we stop and think about what is happening we can see the patterns. No one is 100% percent right, but the patterns tell the story.

Not Actually Connected to an Agency

These federal agents have no real connection to the few agents in the cities who belong to those respective agencies. Without providing the needed identification, there is no way to know who these military troops actually belong too.

Our Problems

We are labeling these troops ourselves, and unless we stop, they will become an overwhelming darkness in our  country, irregardless of elections, angry out cry, pressure from push back. What gains you make with those vehicles of justice, not enough people are standing up and being counted. Protesters are tired. Federal agents rotate, take vacations, arm the deputized militia, if any of the reports from the ground are true.

The Reality of 4 More Years

There won’t be 4 more years of the same last 4 years in our country, there will be a sharp invasion, our government, Republican and Democratic will be destroyed, people on both sides will be jailed and executed. That is what is coming not endless argument. And they don’t need Trump to do it.

If this is not a continuous increase in violent aggression against law-biding citizens in the name of law and order, there just isn’t a rule of law anymore.