This video explains a reality of the Dairy Industry that is just too disgusting to think about. Now the Dairy products sit in the cases in our stores, but they still feed this to our children, and they still treat the animals with an amount of cruelty that is just unparalleled in the annuals if history.  We are deeply troubled people. The idiots in the Dairy Industry never realize, if they just treated the animals better, people would buy their products – dopes.

The video outlines the massive effort the Dairy Industry employs to force the animals into reproduction. Also forcing milk production, and a constant cruelty towards the calf’s. It is so pervasive that the cattle industry, and cows in particular produce the highest levels of methane released into the atmosphere. Reeking havoc on the planet, and causing global warming.

If it wasn’t the greediest of all the industries, meat and dairy could be an accepted form of food, but its not. Its invasive, the epitome of cruel, and based on a inhumane business model, that is not working. So you like cheese, here is how they produce the milk, that makes the cheese.

I am sorry it’s not pretty, but it is an industry within our society that has a grip on your legislators. The lobbyists for the meat and dairy industry are some of the wealthiest people in our society. They change laws in and around regulations pertaining to cruelty, all the time.

By paying elected officials, treating them to meals, parties, and business investments, buying them stock, offering to make donations, they can change what is cruelty under the law. This video outlines why that is important to know.