Reopening of Elijah McClain’s Case.

The incidence of Elijah McClain’s death is as surprising as any other case in the current era of the Black Lives Matter. Last year Elijah lost his life after a heartbreaking encounter with policemen as he was on his way home from work. He had opted to wear a ski mask as he quickly grew cold, but a resident spotted him and alerted the police describing him as being Sketchy.

Drawings made by Elijah McClain while in custody

According to a video that was recorded by a police body camera it is seen that when the police approached McClain, they immediately walked towards him and accosted him. During the chokehold it is heard that the police also threatened him that he would be bitten by their police dog. The police men deliberately obstructed the view of their body cameras and all along McClain pleaded for help. He really begged them for forgiveness and explained he meant no harm to anyone.

McClain threw up several times during his arrest and he was handcuffed with hands behind his back. Upon the arrival of paramedics he was injected with 500ml of a sedative known as ketamine. Elijah slipped into a cardiac arrest on his way to the hospital and three days later he was declared brain-dead and taken off life support.

A new investigation into the administering of the ketamine sedative during the arrest of Elijah McClain has been opened by a spokesman of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The department claims to have received numerous complaints as from the beginning of June 24, 2020, that provided more information detailing the ketamine administration during the arrest. Peter Myers a representative of the CDPHE said that the department immediately launched an investigation which is still underway.

Sometime back in June the CDPHE has said that there would be no further investigations into the ketamine administration on McClain as there had been no findings that would support any action against the provider’s certificate.

The City Council is also conducting its own independent investigation into the arrest and death of Elijah Jovan McClain. This third party shall not be responsible to bring any charges against the three policemen involved. Instead their aim for the investigation is to review the policies in place regarding the use of ketamine, the calls for service and its medical assistance. After the investigation is completed and the findings summed up, the team will send a report in written form to the Aurora City Council with a new set of policy recommendations for the city’s fire department, EMT and the police officers.

In Aurora Colorado, millions of people have signed online petitions and there are thousands of calls being made to the local and state elected officials and a very intense social media pressure which is being compounded by the national media coverage. The whole nation has erupted into grassroots protests against what is justifiably seen as systemic racism and police brutality.

All protesters have one voice that is, ‘’Elijah Jovan McClain should be alive today, and we owe it to his family to take this step and elevate the pursuit of justice in his name to a statewide concern.’’

Rest in peace Elijah McClain.

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