Is This Protection or Intimidation

August 21, 2020, Fox News. Trump has told Sean Hannity in a phone conversation that he is considering sending law enforcement to polling locations on November 3, 2020. The idea, while seeming to assuage a growing worry over in-person voting, the effect will be intimidation and authoritarianism. 

There is no Plan, Just a Statement, a Move Like Dictatorships

Questions that arise what agency would these law enforcement officers belong to and why would they be at a polling location? This is similar to tactics in Belarus and Russia, as well as Turkey and China. Places where an election is completely false and the world knows it plain and simple. 

More Interference Than Protection

With the addition of a security force of armed law enforcement there would be a high degree of interference not just outside the location but within. Armed men and women are not viewed as a force for common safety or protection any longer. They are seen as aloof and threatening. 

Never Needed Any Such Protection During Previous Protests

America has never needed any kind of armed or enforcement level security at a polling location. There have been many elections during protests and there have never been any problems that weren’t taken care of immediately and with decency and safety. The vote is what all sides want, just a fair one. The idea of a need for armed militia style guards is foolish and smacks of a need to intimidate, not protect. 

Is There Wide-Spread Voter Fraud?

There is no widespread voter fraud, and those that are engaging in the small amount of this behavior so far have been aligned with a conservative ideology and are meant to disrupt the system that has worked well for hundreds of years without any enforcement level guards of any type. 

What Is The Basic Human Right Here?

There can be problems by inciting voters and intimidating them with a military force dressed and labeled as police. Giving permission to local police to protect places where no one is in any way harmed or threatened is a move to consolidate power for a particular political alignment. Forcing people to vote a certain way is the basics of a dictatorship – guns have no place at polling locations. Part of being a free country is to be free of intimidation and coercion when we exercise a human right, to decide who leads us. Armed guards takes away your right to be free. That is simple math.

What This Means For Cities With Large Populations of Black, Latinx, and Minorities

The guards at polling locations will impede the voting process, by requiring a two step process of ID and Address verification, because so many will be evicted over the next three months. Then the voter must go alone into the location, be checked by the polling official, against the rolls for ID and Address, then they are offered a computer voting machine, to cast their ballot which can be easily hacked.

If nothing else, the delay in processing will make it impossible to vote for thousands in cities across the country. There just won’t be enough time to go through all the steps, for everyone.

In the end, Trump may well be stopped from doing this in most major cities, except where Governors are aligned with him. In those places, voters will be literally forced down to the barest minimum number of people actually getting to vote, those that do vote have to face intimidation, and the computer systems that can be stuffed electronically, with some simple hacking techniques.

If Trump gets fake accounts to cover his registrations, then reduces the vote by several million he can win in what seems a fair way. Even if the votes are found to be fraudulent the reduced votes can cause a failure of the Democratic ticket through district delegates in the Electoral College.

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