The use of the tear gas in large quantities night after night in Portland Oregon, are now being reported as a serious health risk to Black Lives Matter protesters. These would include all people, including moms, veterans, children, and animals, could suffer serious illness from the chemicals used in the tear gas Portland Federal Agents are utilizing.

DEQ Asked By City to Test For Pollutants

The Department of Environmental Quality has tested the chemical makeup of the teargas, as requested by the City of Portland, in response to environmental impact concerns. The quantities of irritants used nightly are becoming enormous and over time have created some concerns for the environment in general according to city officials.

Manufacturer Of Teargas and Pepper Spray Being Used

The report showed the company manufacturing and supplying the teargas chemicals, used by law enforcement since May 2020 is named Safariland LLC, and if the name doesn’t frighten you, the background should. It has come under scrutiny for its role in providing teargas to Minneapolis during the George Flyod protests.

The Toxic Ferrous Metals Deployed in Crowd Control Agents

“The material safety data sheet for the brand of tear gas used by Portland Police reveals that the chemicals in Safariland’s “Flameless Tri-Chamber Grenade, CS” (meaning containing CS gas)” include barium chromate, manganese powder, lead chromate, nitrocellulose, red iron oxide, titanium powder, zirconium powder, potassium chlorate, sugar, magnesium carbonate and CS gas itself. Barium chromate is known to be toxic; upon heating, lead chromate releases toxic lead fumes.” From Salon article of August 26, 2020.

The Type Of Makeup Not Deterrents, Only Physical Harm

There is little evidence to show that an agent that would do less harm, because it was being used more, was considered. In fact the health related issues are seeming to be the main point of using a crowd control agent of this makeup. The use of such materials is dangerous in the extreme and should never be deployed against human beings under any circumstances. Metals in these instances, when turned to a gas, in any volume are extremely hazardous. They can cause tissue damage, in the lungs, as well as the skin. Even with an immediate rinsing these chemicals, especially ferrous metals in gas form, will cause permanent damage to the human body. 

Usually an Industrial Cleaner

Ferrous compounds such as chromate are meant for the cleaning of industrial machinery, not to be combined with magnesium. The combination is a metal that would burn brightly when ignited and give off a debilitating gas of such extreme hazard as to be life threatening. The scaring of the lungs, the deep tissue rupture is what would be seen in an industrial accident. It is not crowd control, it is a means to cause deep physical harm. 

How Will Portland and Other Cities Around the Country Respond

The result of these metals being used in crowd control shows a deep disregard for human life, and must be seen as an attempt to maim and eventually kill. How the city will respond to this attack on its citizens. These are chemical agents, used mostly in warfare, and banned from use in combat worldwide. 


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