Create some Good Trouble today

These are the moments when we reach a higher level, closer again to something beyond us, something stronger than any other force in the universe, love.

Moments to remember we are, no matter how loud the voices. No matter how angry.ย  No matter how dividing, lying, or twisting the message, we all come from the same place, all of us.

All the violence, military desire, conquering ways, superiority, supremacy, and division, is nothing in the face of these moments.

Fear and Hate can not survive in these moments.

So much happens when you put in the time, miracles from un-thought-of places.

How to Campbells, and other canned goods – from inspired friends.

Create some Good Trouble today. Good Trouble is so much about truth in our reality. What is racism, what is gender discrimination, what are suppressed votes? Instead of saying these things, we heard, your vote is sacrosanct, how will you help mankind, only those who look like they belong will be served here. Just because those things were inculcated into our way of life, doesn’t mean they don’t exist anymore. They certainly did, and do. The more deeply felt for the secrecy. The deep hatred and bad feelings held underground has pushed up through the cemetery grass and erupted into the light of day.

The lords of truth in our society, John Lewis being one of them, raise us all above this graveyard ideology. For this Moment of Humanity please offer your Lord Of Truth.

Joy will have no restraints that can hold it still. We all dance!


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