Moments of Humanity

This Moments of Humanity gets a place all its own. There is powerful kindness, that the insecure would find foolish, in our world. Much more powerful then a million dollars, which even today, can not purchase joy. Joy must be risked, it must find a place among the sad and strained, and build a place where all our facets can co-exist, like purchasing flowers for the flower seller. It begins with being kind, when kindness doesn’t seem to make sense.

A Moment of Humanity that will be long remembered by those involved.

s a vicinanza

I have found, from speaking with thousands of people since 1994, that no one plays the victim, that is impossible. Some people manufacture pain, to cover a deeper pain, that is hard to face. When we accuse people of playing a role, it is good to know, how that role manifested. There we find the attack, in whatever form that may be, that created the victim, every time.

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