I must admit I don’t care who manages to pass a freaking bill, these people are going to be homeless by November 3. Someone better be stepping up. Influencer’s have to start speaking to this. Not only are these people not thinking about an election that could change the course of our entire way of life, they are only focused on survival. They are made up of everyone, not just those displaced by COVID, not just those who lost jobs, everyone is food deprived right now, because the system of supply and demand is shutting down.

You feed your people long before you collect one red cent in revenue, any farm, distribution center, or trucking company, any grocery store, convenience store or restaurant. Please tell your admired people to start speaking to this, it is not a news story, people are starving, and our media is playing it like its just something that will go away eventually. The ads on your feed are useless, your neighbors are starving.  The television commercials are empty, people on your street are being evicted. Your schools and businesses are talking about acceptable losses, because the stock market needs to gain back money it hasn’t lost. Not only is this type of deprivation preventable, it is a necessary part of all human rights, to freaking eat.

Get up and do something, right now there is no votes for homeless.  No healthcare for Black and Brown Humans, hit hardest by COVID. Militia and Federal Agents are causing all the damage at the protests. COVID simply will drop a little, and by late October rise right above what it is now.

Please stop looking at the man on the podium. Please start telling the media, what you will listen to. Right now you are not listening, to millions of shelter-less, starving, friends and neighbors. Because we all hate Donald Trump and the Republican Party. They are playing you, they live for this, its what gets them up in the morning. You know what changes that – shutting them off and looking around.

Here is where you can start, the article that tells it all doing something meaningful, unifying, uplifting, and in your face to the republican base, just because I put love above all else, does not mean I will roll over and die because the bad guys say they are going to hurt me. Take away their power.