The tone of the Ukrainian military has changed. At first voices were raised to seek military intervention from NATO. Then the cry was for a no-fly zone. Now the voices say, send us the weapons and we will fight.

The Ukrainian foriegn minister has said, “The Ukrainian army is the second strongest army in the world. Send us the weapons and we will fight.”

This is a new confidence in the ongoing fight that Ukraine did not seek. The proof of atrocities, the constant bombardment of women and children is spurring the Ukrainian army to great heights of performance.

It is a measure of any people how they respond to violent oppression. The world is changing on a day to day basis. The Ukrainian people fight not only for freedom, but for survival.

The voices in Russia remain stifled and frightened. In a similar surveillance in China, and other authoritarian nations the population fears the government eavesdropping. They deny any line of information other than the state ordered propaganda. The Russian line is there is no civilian atrocities and the citizens in Russia puppet this line, consistently.

Many are tired of hearing of the destruction of an entire nation. I caution people to think of an entire authoritarian regime that exist in this country. That if given their way they would kill millions to reinstall a white power structure that would mirror Russia very closely.

The voices of honesty and truth are waning, and we must remain vigilant in voicing the truth and taking responsibility for the great gains truth espouses. We must do this because the regime Russia fostered here in America has great patience. They are waiting for good people’s attention to focus on convenience and privilege and leave them free to take the government handily.