How Elijah Jovan McClain Met His Death.

Elijah Jovan McClain was born in February 25, 1996. He is an American Citizen. Elijah was a 23-year-old African American massage therapist. He died on August 24, 2019 as he was walking home after an encounter with police. A citizen based in Aurora reported that Elijah was spotted wearing a ski mask and acted sketchy. The caller also stated that he didn’t believe that anyone could have been in danger and also stated that McClain was unarmed. The three police officers believed to have been involved were Jason Rosenblatt, Nathan Woodyard and Randy Roedema. They claimed that their body cameras were kicked off during their struggle with Elijah.  McClain was forcibly held against the ground having his hands cuffed behind his back. After that, a police officer applied a chokehold and some paramedics administered some sedation using ketamine. McClain got a cardiac arrest while being transported to hospital. After three days Jovan was declared to have had suffered brain death and was removed from the lifesaving machine which was on 30th August. The autopsy conducted on McClain’s body was termed to be inconclusive.

Elijah’s Background.

Jovan had been a massage therapist for four years before he died. He used to share an apartment with his cousin a place close to where the police took him into custody and later died. In his entire life, Elijah had never been arrested or charged with any crime. Most of his friends and family described Elijah McClain as a pacifist, vegetarian, athlete, spiritual seeker and a peacemaker who was exceedingly gentle.


McClain’s mother had moved the family from Denver to Aurora to avoid violence considering Aurora to be a safer residential area. His mother said Elijah was homeschooled and at a tender age one could see how intelligent and amazingly independent he was. While still a teenager McClain taught himself how to play the violin. During free time he would go to animal shelters and play his instrument for the abandoned animals. He believed the music he played helped ease their fear and stress. Elijah was a pure light in a whole lot of darkness he would not even set a mouse trap to alleviate a rodent problem.



It all started on the evening of August 24, 2019 when an Aurora citizen reached out to 9-1-1 after seeing Elijah McClain walking down the street wearing a ski mask as he flared his arms. The caller affirmed that he did not believe that McClain was armed and that he never believed that anyone was in immediate danger.


According to a report made by the police, McClain made some resistance when he was confronted by the police officers who responded as Woodyard and Rosenblatt shouted, “he is going for your gun.’’  Roedema said that Elijah reached for and grabbed a gun that belonged to Rosenblatt. However, there was no footage to prove that McClain reached for the gun because the police claimed that the body camera fell off as they were struggling with McClain. Despite all that there was a recording on one of the devices a voice that urged the police officer to remove his body camera which is believed to show intent to do harm or say Elijah had tried to reach for the officer’s gun.


Coming tomorrow – on the body cam recordings, the changes in management at Aurora PD, and other updates

Here is what police do, after they brutally beat and choke a young man, half their size who has never harmed a fellow human being or done anything wrong in his entire life. They celebrate their brutality.

Below is what they are celebrating – it is the very definition of racist sickness.