Podcast: Threading the Truth, with Hosts Stephanie McGann Jantzen and Dr. Nick Sawyer, with special guest Dr. Jerod Witt.

Long Covid symptoms and symptomology, 5 months long. fatigue and Shortness of breath.

The podcast team goes over specific populations more susceptible to COVID-19 and how the related minorities are affected by SARS CoV-2. What they are seeing on the ground, the frontlines. How lung scarring is so bad that treatment is almost non-effective.

The information here is a priceless to the medical community and anyone who wants information on this pernicious disease. Stephanie makes an important connection, between the general public saying I am tired, I haven’t gotten sick, there’s a vaccine lets just move on. And the reality of the on the ground illness which is still killing and now we know maiming many young people.