The Covid Catalog uses Celebration Memorials

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Celebration Memorial Form 

GuideLines for writing a CeleMem (Celebration Memorial) for The Covid Catalog

  1. Find Someone – In your home state find a periodical (Newspaper that has an online presence) that lists its obituaries and Covid Victims – try to find ones with pictures. (An example of a search could be – California Victims of Covid-19 Obituary with Image) 
  2. Find one that catches your eye. 
  3. Take down the pertinent information 
    1. Name
    2. Age
    3. City
    4. State
    5. Cause of death
    6. What they loved, liked, felt strongly about
    7. Try to find surviving family members names (first name is fine)
  4. From the information you found, fill out the submission form from the website or this link
  5. You can add your submission in this format on the line for SEO information
    1. The Covid Catalog (Name of Person) {Title} 
    2. The Covid Catalog Gone To Soon (Name of person) {Internal title} 
    3. The Covid Catalog (Celebrates | Remembers) (Name of Person) {beginning of first paragraph}
  6. Add a picture (most pictures you can save to your hard drive, by right clicking anywhere in the picture and use the Save As function.) Acceptable formats include .jpg .gif .png .tif – not acceptable is .web
  7. Your form can then be submitted


Include information about family members and friends as much as possible. Include in the celebrate the person paragraph – if you can’t find anything it’s okay.