Want to help the Black Nation?

I started this website because I was angry. What it has become is cathartic. So many white people stand with Black Lives Matter, many we would easily recognize, and many we would not think would agree with the tenants of this great movement. I have gotten my share of hate mail, been hacked, and spammed. But the core values of this website stand today.

When the oppressed rise, we all rise with them.

We see Black Lives rise, and we must join them, celebrate the victory of a battle won, then on to fight the next battle. Do you want to help? The struggle for the white community is how to join openly, and vocally with the Black Community. The white community must remain in a support position. What this entails is by its very nature something the white community hates, relinquishing control.

The white community can not get behind, start initiatives, enjoin programs to “help” Black Lives. The oppressor cannot “help” the oppressed. That is another form of oppression. The white community must allow the Black Community, and all the communities deemed as “other” to become the lead. We must follow, admit to needing to follow, and then support this movement. That is the way the white community rises with Black Lives.

Millions feel for the suffering of Black Lives. But we don’t understand it. The unique struggle of being Black in America, and many places in the world, can not be shared. It must be understood, and then the majority must say – I have privilege’s that you haven’t had. We must admit our control and relinquish it.

Systemic change does this. Opening doors to a Black design to systemic change through allowing them to decide for themselves what needs to be changed. That opens the door to real change. Then we rise with them, not just allow them to rise.

I think white people still feel they are letting Black people have a voice. That they are going to “help” the Black Lives Matter cause. That they will lift up Black people. That is not how this works. The abuser, and all enabled by the abuse must admit the abuse, recognize it, and relinquish control over the abused, for healing to begin.

Not a healing of the abuser. A healing of the abused. White America can not heal what has been done to Black People, they must admit they have hurt them, needed them to be inferior, stood by and allowed them to suffer and die. And it is the hardest thing for anyone to do, is admit they have hurt someone else, by silence and inaction. Especially when the enabler has the voice and agrees with the victims of the abuse.

There are some simple and effective ways to deal with what seems to be an overwhelming oppressive response to the exercising their rights by Black America. But millions of silent white people must admit their role in these oppressive designs.

It is important to remember that when the oppressor runs out of people to oppress, they oppress themselves. Silent majority become the oppressed when the oppressor is left unchecked, and many don’t understand their own role in this reversal of oppression.

America, through the efforts of the Black Nation saved the white people from a mass oppression that would have surely happened by now if there had been an outcome that was different in our national elections. The power of disclosure remains a close ally of those in the fight for justice.

Silence now, is a means for the oppressor to take hold, and the silent will become the oppressed, that’s how this works. It’s how it has worked for so long people are psychologically stuck in fear of losing the control they have been granted by the oppressor.

Taking a step back and saying to the Black Nation, we damaged you, you have suffered, tell me what you need to heal. That wipes out the power of the oppressor. The oppressor is us, when we are silent, and our oppressors, will surely make sure, we remain in a subordinate position, if we don’t admit our role in the oppression.

An enabler cannot save a victim from the abuse that the enabler enables, they must relinquish control, admit their part, and allow the abused to speak and decide what steps should be taken to heal.

That is how support works.