Racism is an act of discrimination, prejudice, or antagonism against people or a person based on being members of a particular ethnic or racial group. In most cases, the ethnic group or the race is either marginalized or a minority. Below is an account of racism in America.


There is strong evidence that race, the entire paradigm is an arbitrary construct of a ruling class, to keep their status as the most powerful. Creating a systemic and embedded caste system of inequality that was readily focused on creating a manufactured inability and criminalization of anyone who threatened that system. Race is an arbitrary construct as is racism, Black Lives Matter reveals, anyone could become the target, even those in the ruling class’s own race.

The Impact of Slavery

It is believed that more than 150 years after the 13th Amendment abolished slavery in the United States, most adults in the U.S. believe that that the legacy of slavery continues to have an impact on the position of black people in American society. More than 40% of people say that the country has not been able to make any notable progress in the fight against racial inequality. There is a great deal of skepticism among the Black community that they will never have equal rights with white society. This is as per the findings of research from the Pew Research Centre.


Race Inequality

There is also some negativity about the current state of race relations and how President Donald Trump is handling the issue. From the different surveys carried out, 58% of the participants say that race relations in the U.S. are wrong. Only a few say that they see some improvement in the whole racial case. Besides, 15% of people say it has become common for people to express their racist views since Donald Trump became the president of the United States of America.

The Push Back On Racial Injustice

Blacks have found the level of progress in the fight against racism in this country to be unacceptable. Presently close to 80% of black adults believe that the legacy of slavery affects the black people’s position in America. They say the country has not gone far enough when it comes to giving Black people rights that are equivalent to those of the whites. They don’t believe that they shall ever achieve or reach a point where there is racial equality throughout the country.

How The Issue Reads According To Polling

Viewpoints are mixed, even with a strong protest platform. As spoken about in the statement of friendsofvictims.com Our Statement this is a manufactured grievance and intentional attempt to marginalize the Black, LatinX and Indigenous populations. Americans see the disadvantages of Hispanics and Blacks in the U.S. Most adults admit that being Black hurts people’s ability to get ahead. A number also say that being Hispanic has similar effects. In contrast, a larger number says and tends to believe that being white gives one a chance and ability to get ahead. The views of one being an Asian or a Native American are even more mixed.

The Racism Abounds in the Government

The majority of Americans say that President Donald Trump has made race relations worse, just a minimal number around 15% believe that he has made some notable progress toward improving race relations. In contrast, 37% say that the previous President Barack Obama made good progress in race relations when he was a president.

In the Final Analysis . .

The white Democrats are more likely than the white republicans to believe that the country has not gone far enough when it comes to equal rights for Black people compared to those of the whites.  Almost half of the republicans believe that is has been right while a minority says the country has progressed well in this regard.

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