When last visited this accounting had been separated by individual reporting, and only a few local outlets had picked up the entire 5 person story. Here I wanted to provide some updates and see where the stories have progressed to . . .

Robert Fuller 25 Palmdale CA
Terron Boone

Although still being investigated it is surprising to learn that Robert’s half brother, Terron Boone was shot and killed in a shoot out with police. The circumstances surrounding the shooting are bizarre to say the least, and as with many of these ultimately suspicious shootings, the police have no video, and the victim, who was for some reason being followed on suspicion of another crime, was shot repeatedly, instead of being incapacitated or initially pulled over, but was followed instead.

There are conflicting accounts of Terron’s behavior following the announcement of his half brothers death by hanging. While he had stopped speaking on social media, it would be actually normal to not want contact with anyone after such shocking news. His closest friend and relative had died by hanging from a tree, there would definitely be some behaviors which would likely stand out as grief and not being ready to commit a crime.

There were accounts of him having been arrested for violence, but this seems to be more of a throwing the book at someone, then he is a danger to women issue. No one else reported him as an abuser, from multiple sources he was a kind person.

At a time of heightened tensions between the Black Community and Police, it would be hard not to see some kind of connection between Robert Fuller’s death and the authorities. Many lynchings were run by the white authorities and broadcast as social events. Terron being shot and killed after going “wild” and shooting at police for no reason is probably, under the circumstances very hard to believe.

Both deaths need to examined by an independent body, such as a private investigator, or investigators who have dealt with racial injustice before and know how authorities can manipulate circumstances to justify improper behavior, and look absolutely above reproach.

Robert Fuller’s autopsy results are being investigated by the Medical Examiner, which is a clear case of non-independent re-investigation, which even under the best circumstances is not reliable source of re-examination. This should be turned over to an independent investigative body.

Malcolm Harsch 38

Malcolm was found dead by hanging and it was determined through video record that he had indeed hung himself. Although there are still some questions, like if he had been using drugs or alcohol, and how much was in his system at the time of his death? The family has made a statement and that it was known Malcolm had been suicidal. There was a hopelessness to this account which could have probably been addressed readily, with an intervention. It may have only delayed the suicide, but in Malcolm’s case, it could have mightily changed his circumstances. The adage is you don’t do because you can save someone, you do because its the right thing to do. We don’t do nearly enough for Black men.

Teenager, 14, Earnhardt Elementary School, Harris County TX

While many believe this young man committed suicide it is very unclear what happened to him. All reporting echoes the official report, which was no foul play suspected. This seems entirely premature and unreasonable. There is very little in the reporting of this horrific event, and not one account states a desire on the part of police to find out what was happening with this young man.

It is reported from all sources that the young man was found in a parking lot. There are not many trees, or bars in parking lots in general. Usually parking lots are devoid of any kind of foliage, because wet falling leaves ruin the finish on cars. As for a bar or something strong enough to carry the weight of a young man, it would be unusual to be found in a parking lot.

I have seen the ridiculous comments, made by all white residents on the local website, which run the gambit from the young man wanted to be a martyr to I have friends who are black, that I never see who are on Facebook. There are accounts of people his age committing suicide, but this would be the first who was martyring himself for a cause. Many people have heard this type of racist explanation through-out Jim Crow south.

It would be prudent for the authorities to look into this and make the evidence public enough so that an independent investigative source can be consulted.

The family of this young man is deserving of some competent answers, their son is dead.

Dominique Alexander 27, Kingsbridge Bronx NY

Young man found hanging from a tree in a Manhattan NY park, is ruled suicide by the medical examiner. The major newspapers focus not on the death but on the family’s grief and fear, something used during Jim Crow to deter the family and Black community from looking too deeply into suspicious deaths.

There was nothing at the scene or in the evidence that would definitively  present as suicide, and again an investigation needs to be independent and all video and witnesses carefully scrutinized.

In general recordings of white people harassing, attacking, and attempting to murder black people are finding their onto social platforms. Those platforms allow for a wide audience to view, identify and pressure authorities into doing something about these crimes.

The fact that so many police forces, in so many jurisdictions across the country need pressuring for obvious crimes, is unacceptable. If the suspects in any crimes like those being perpetrated against Black people, were in fact Black on White crimes, the justice would be swift and total. Fast arrest, many charges, immediate jailing with no hope of bail. There would be deep investigations into the any hanging death of a white person, in an open, high traffic location. There would be an outcry and media attention that would be updated daily until it was found why a boy of 14 would kill himself in a parking lot, or a young man of 24 or 27, under similar circumstances.

These are human beings, whether suicide or murder, their humanity cries out for attention. When do authorities stop trying to protect the loud voices of the few who hate, and start protecting people, as they have sworn to do in a sacred oath.

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