It is believed that more than a dozen of united families came together for a common purpose in Georgia. The families purchased 97 acres to till and start their own community. Their hope is in creating a safe haven for Black families.

The Land 

The 97 acre piece of unincorporated land was recently purchased not far from the town of Toomsboro Georgia.  A town which is about 130 miles South of Atlanta Georgia. The land area is now called Freedom, GA.

The Women Who Started It and Why

The whole plan was kick-started by two women, Ashkey Scott and her counterpart Renee Walters. They said they did this because they wanted a safe place for themselves. And to raise their families without the fear of police brutality and other forms of oppression happening in the current society.

A Focus on Safety For Black Families

They believe the whole project will be a community by black people, for black people. They simply referred it as a pro-black town. Their first phase to bring up the pro-black town is clearing the area. Then farming it, and creating a reliable man-made lake. This is to ensure they have a sustainable fishing area for residents. It is a massive effort that is believed could take a year or even more before it is considered to be viable.

The Inspiration Was Healthy Fear

What really inspired the two ladies to come up with the whole initiative were the deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd. These incidents made them realize that they needed safe places for themselves and their people. That was the inspiration for Freedom, Georgia. 

The Initiative Is Embracing Wholesome Values 

The pioneering of By Black People For Black People has really tried their best for people not to take this initiative as a wall between Black and White. Instead, they want it to be a challenge for people to see a need.  The need for people to stay and grow in an area with peace, love, and harmony.

The Right To Be Free of Victimization Because of Race 

They believe it is the right of everyone to live and grow up in a community free of the fear of victimization. Especially because of race or even background. It is a call for all to embrace and emulate the love and respect for oneself and those around us.