There is a question we must ask ourselves concerning going after people in power who aid bad actors. It is a fact that Wray is going, one way or another. But what have we done about the agents who helped him. How many people helped Brett Kavanaugh and Larry Nassar?

There are a large number of people who aided Larry Nassar. From the clerks who looked the other way, to his staff, friends and donors. The upper management and their staff. Not just the well known or well-heeled.

Kavanaugh received VIP treatment by the FBI, not just from Wray, but a long line of agents, and staff designated and dedicated to keeping that background underground.

These types of secrets take a great deal of tacit agreement. We know some heads rolled, but none, not one is being held accountable, except Nassar.

His victims suffer everyday, reliving dozens of assaults over and over. The thoughts that are right at the front of their minds memories lived constantly. It is not an exaggeration that Nassar lives inside his victims for the rest of their lives. Just like Kavanaugh’s victims. Just like Dr. Blasey-Ford who was denied relief for something she had no reason to speak other than to reveal the truth.

This is a structural issue, as we take great pains to protect the rights of the abuser. When only the highest office in a vile crime is held mildly responsible, allowed to resign, and just walk away, we find ourselves returning to that point over and over.

What choice do victims have? The arrests of the thousands of pedophiles linked through networks, accessed by Nassar and those like him would be a logistic nightmare. The victims must disrupt their fragile lives, relive their suffering over and over, forced to be on display before unwelcoming legal system and the world. In order to bring one of the many child abusers and traffickers to justice.

Why should the victims be forced to be exposed while being denied real justice?