Are you hungry, homeless, this Holiday Season? Are you sick, disabled, from Covid or some other disability? You are probably feeling lost, untethered from reality, like you’re living in some awful dream place. According to all the sources around the country, help for you and 30 – 40 million Americans is not coming. The government has decided power and money are far more important than the sick and dying, the furloughed and destitute, raging across the country.

From all the articles listed in our citations, one thing is abundantly clear. The Senate could pass a stimulus package that could feed and house millions of people, even at a reduced over all total funding. The bill packages floating about the halls of congress, are stalled for several reasons, none of which have anything to do with helping people.

Creating immunity for businesses, against Covid litigation is very important for your senate. Making sure no one can sue a business because they created an environment where infection by Covid was likely. Unless we give all businesses, large and large, a free pass to do as they please, we don’t get to eat this Christmas.

Another big one is a bail out for large businesses, the senate will increase the total amount of the stimulus package if the money goes to #PPP for larger companies. So more money for big business, or you don’t have a place out of the cold.

16 Billion for Covid relief, sounds good until you look at the numbers for Infrastructure, Bailouts and Corporate Initiatives, which total about 500 Billion collectively.

$1200 per person also sounds good, but not until January 2021, which will be far to late to help those who are starving now.

There won’t be a bill passed that contains any unemployment benefit to offset the already deeply destructive cut to stimulus to people. Because, in the end, members of the senate, who are all millionaires, and have no conscience at all. They think offering $600 a week, to millions of unemployed people is giving them too much money, they will be come lazy.

These benefits go to all people no matter their party affiliation, but to be sure, most of it will benefit the Black, Brown, Hispanic, LatinX and Indigenous peoples. Hence it is not a priority, as the feeling in the Senate is those people are not legitimate Americans. That they make up an enormous cross-section of the population, provide all our essential services, including food and housing, seems to mean, they should be grateful for what they have.

The positive cases for Covid are an indicator of a deeply troubling result of cutting off funding to all the populations. The increase of to 250,000 positive cases per day, means 50,000 cases per day will have an accompanying disabling syndrome or infection. This is a result of people unable to pay for treatment, unable to find treatment, unable to care for themselves with a basic roof over their heads or a meal. This has a direct correlation to increase in Covid cases in underserved communities.

The rise in Covid is step wise, where there is a rise in positivity, hospitalizations and death, all happening at once, then it dies back a little and then rises again, much higher. Whether you call it a high baseline, a second wave, or third wave, it will be unrelenting and kill many more people then predicted. There could be as much as 500,000 cases per day, or 3,500,000 cases per week, and 14,000,000 cases per month. This will create an abattoir, a slaughter house effect, like during the 1918 Pandemic.

Stimulus now, will abate this result. Not immunity for businesses. Not a bail out for any company. But direct help to millions can have a direct reduction in positive cases of Covid.

Do not be fooled, all your elected officials are well aware of these two facts – a 75% reduction in cases with mask mandate, and the stimulus, no matter how small, would reduce positive cases. With a mask mandate the totals would be reduced more than 85% and that means a reduction in hospitalizations, intubations and ultimately death.

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