This Moments of Humanity are a children who can speak to their dad who is on the other side of the Earth, from their front doorstep without a phone. Then the Moments move to Motion on the dance floor. A great deal of fancy footwork in the street, in the arena, and on the tube. You got to admit there is great humanity when we express ourselves through dance. Enjoy all my friends, its humanity.

Messages from Home

Talking to Dad, and leaving him messages, anytime they want. This Moment is brought to you by a Bluetooth doorbell. Messages are recorded and can be retrieved from a smartphone. In this case, kids are in the USA, and Dad is deployed overseas.


The Triple Step, In-Step, On-Time and Fantastic

In this Moments of Humanity, we see the makings of a great dancer


This Moment makes us wonder if Michael J taught them his moves.