Aurora Gets Woman Police Chief Amid Controversy

Vanessa Wilson is named Aurora’s new interim police chief, as the department is still under scrutiny over the death of Elijah Jovan McClain. A white police officer, the new chief, Vanessa Wilson has 23 years’ experience in the police department in the third-largest city in Colorado.

A Tumultuous Year for Aurora PD

The new interim was a member of the suburban Denver police, Vanessa Wilson became the first woman to lead the Aurora agency permanently. The agency is looking to regain public trust after a tumultuous year since the death of a 23- year old Elijah McClain. McClain, was stopped on the street, attacked by police, put into a chokehold, suffered severe injury from the assault and died three days later in the hospital. He had been walking home from the store, wearing a ski mask because it was cold. A resident was afraid of that and called police.

The Vote For Installation was Nearly Unanimous

The city council made Wilson secure a 10-1 vote on Monday night hours after they apologized for the latest Controversy befalling the Aurora Police Department. Since then, the services of the police department have been questionable and not to be trusted by most residents of Aurora.

A Strong Showing During Vetting

Wilson secured the seat after contending with three nationwide finalists who were all black. She was most preferred for the experience she had working under the police department for 23 years.

Chief Wilson was recorded in a statement saying that Aurora is at a crossroads and that she is ready and committed to the police force. That she remains an active and engaged part of the community.

A Promise to The People of Aurora

She promised the residents that the police department would offer a transparent partnership dedicated to making Aurora a safer city for all residents amid concerns of building diversity. She also promised the residents an embrace of unity and a continual conversation about how they can do better.

The McClain Family Have Doubts Because Of The Band Aid Type Reform

Despite the great and promising words by Chief Wilson, a lawyer from McClain’s family, Mari Newman said she is wary of Wilson’s experience within a department riddled with racism and brutality. She finalized her speech by saying that she is very optimistic about the change in the police department.

Mari Newman, the McClain’s family lawyer, also said that she hoped that Wilson would prove that she is not just the moral compass but also the courage to do what is right and overhaul the broken police department.

Off To A Start That Echoes The Chiefs Statements

Chief Wilson was very first to start the implementation of her words. Within the first three months, she had already fired three police officers, one of them being an officer who was at the memorial of Elijah McClain. The police officers were accused of sharing photos of police officers re-enacting the chokehold incidence near where Elijah was arrested. Chief Wilson termed the act of sharing the pictures as a crime against humanity and decency.

Still No Realistic Justice For Elijah Jovan McClain

Elijah McClain’s name became a rallying cry in most protests in Aurora and the whole nation against racial injustices a year after a local prosecutor failed to charge the police officers in the arrest and brutal use of force during the arrest that resulted in Elijah’s death. Following the nationwide protests and demonstrations, the Democratic Gov. Jared Polis directed Colorado’s attorney general to open a new phase of the investigation on McClain’s arrest and death.

Not only considering the criticism of police using force, but the Aurora police have also been linked with other controversies such as an officer who was found passed out after being drunk at the wheel of his still running patrol car.

The entire department seems to be edged with strife and controversy that can be dealt with with swift and competent action from a management that would put the citizens above racism.



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