Many don’t remember Tanya McDowell. But it is etched in the minds of mothers everywhere, especially in disadvantaged neighborhoods. We all know Lori Loughlin, and the crew who bribed the athletic coach to get their children prime spots in star-class schools. The justice system loves to send messages and these were big ones.

First the Facts

The list is long and the money is tainted. 50 people including Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, paid a total of 25 million in bribes to a facilitator to bribe coaches and university staff at elite colleges. The documents obtained showed falsely claiming freshman were outstanding athletes when they actually had no ability in the designated area. Cheating on entrance exams, falsifying records, and generally making it seem as though the children were much more proficient in areas where they actually lacked knowledge and couldn’t answer rudimentary questions in designated areas. Some of the children involved were as surprised as authorities by the scheme.

Charges leveled

All participants were charged and most where white and privileged.  The scheme seemed to hinge on how much you could pay, to the best schools. Privilege corrupting privilege so that their children could present with more privilege. The schools allowed this, the parents sought this, and the result was less than spectacular. The major players received less than a slap on the wrist for corrupting the best colleges, and while the media focused on the two major celebrities, the rest of the crew slipped away into the night, along with the colleges.

Sentenced, Really?

The two media darlings got a few months in jail, and publicity and appearance offers. More admiration for getting away with corruption, than for actually raising their children to respect others abilities. No one seemed to notice that colleges got no media coverage as to their roll in the scheme.

Just the Facts

Tanya McDowell had a criminal record and a son that excelled in his school. There was a great outcry against her, and there is an easy pattern here. Tanya was a bad person to begin with, so give her 5 years for falsifying her address so her son could go to a better school.

If It Happened In Your Neighborhood

If at anytime a parent who cared enough to try and get her son out of a disadvantaged school could be criminally charged, because of her past, it would be a Black mom in a bad neighborhood. A simple hard slap down, and reprimand, “how dare you.”  Better not take a hard look at what goes on in the Loughlin residence after dinner, or when the kids are in bed. There would be outrage.

Who Exactly is the Prostitute Here?

Lori Loughlin sells herself to colleges, to her celebrity, and her station. Tanya McDowell sold her body to pay for food and put a roof over her son’s head. Just the facts please – here they are if you are willing to see them.

A Fact About Neighborhoods

In Tanya’s community there are no pools, no driveways, no back yards. In Tanya’s neighborhood you can’t get out, because you live in that neighborhood. In Loughlins neighborhood it matters what color you are wearing to the garden party.


There is no reason to want Loughlin to apologize for her place in society. She should grow up. In the real world she got off for corruption, while a mom who cared about how well her son was being taught sat in prison for 5 years. She got that sentence because she had the gall to want the American Dream, even though no one wanted her to have it.

Comparing Reputations

You want to compare reputation, how bad Tanya was, lets just look at what Loughlin did, just the facts. Through a series of upstanding contacts, she spoke to someone in a position of authority, who spoke to other people in positions of authority and decided on a price to make it seem like her children were more accomplished then they could ever be. To make sure they never had to take a test, study, compete, or be scrutinized in any way. Assuring them the privilege and status she felt they deserved, even though they had done nothing to deserve that status.

Tanya a convicted prostitute tries to fool authorities into believing she lived one town over, so that the extreme restrictions they have on her neighborhood could be lifted and her intelligent son could attend a school where he could work hard, harder than the other kids, and get ahead.

Tanya got 5 years, because she had been incarcerated before.

Loughlin got 2 months because she made a mistake, corrupting as many school officials as she could pay.

The Simple Message

The message here is clear, do not attempt to elevate your Black children, you will be jailed. Definitely it’s okay to bribe as many people in authority as possible so that your plain children can get through the best college without any work.

The Way The System Works

The use of bribes and favoritism, popularism, is used all the time. The people who help each other in this way, have ordinary children in extremely high positions throughout our country. They use other peoples accomplishments to develop their portfolios of accomplishments. They take credit for work they didn’t do, steal products and innovations, and brand themselves experts with a mountain of awards.

Who Can Make It Through Economic Collapse

Unfortunately this system is alive in all our largest corporations. But as with all false accomplishments, when faced with needing to stand on their own, they fail. As is happening right now, through out the world. Do not follow the desperate buying of people who think we can just return to the old system. The trillion dollar companies will fail, and they may even be able to ride out the wave of economic collapse that is coming.

The Reality Of Tanya and Lori

Tanya McDowell has paid her debt again, but Loughlin never did. The lack of accountability comes back in the inability of Loughlin and Huffman and 48 others to actually function in our society. Purchasing the trappings of knowledge leads to just trappings, and no accomplishment.  Purchasing the look of knowledge no matter how well appointed becomes meaningless accolades heaped on top of each other in a useless attempt to fill the void of inability.

Further Information

This story was based on several related stories the College Admissions Scandal, as reported in the Insider and the Tanya McDowell Case From the CTPost.