August 1, 2020 

Reuters on July 25, 2020 From Louisville KY, NFAC marches through Louisville for some kind of realistic investigation into the death of Breonna Taylor, who was killed in her apartment after police, served a “no-knock” warrant that had been wrongly approved and executed. After repeated attempts of Breonna and her significant other screaming to find out “who is it?” to try and find out who was banging on their door, were then repeatedly shot by police after they broke down the door. 

How this warrant ever got approved, how the prosecutors ever brought charges against Breonna’s boyfriend of 7 years for defending his home, how could the judge be signing off on high-risk entries for 5 warrants at different locations in a thirty minute read is beyond understanding. Except if you know how warrants served on Black people are considered, no-brainer’s. They start at assuming guilt, always become extreme prejudice and if killing occurs, oh-well, no loss there. Police have been doing this for years, decades, lifetimes. 

July 21, 2020

There are a number of updates in this ongoing tragedy. Some of them are so significant but overshadowed by other news reports, but we are adding them here for clarification. 

One of the most important aspects of this tragedy was why police were at the home of a kind, dedicated public servant, who had never been in trouble or had anything to do with drugs or crime in any way. This seems to walk right past so many people. There was no reason to be at Breonna’s door at all, except on the word of a crack dealer of absolutely no consequence. CNN reports that police thought Breonna would be home alone, when actually her legally armed boyfriend was spending the night. The fact remains that with the affidavits for a no-knock warrant, a type of warrant that needs extra layers of oversight because they are so intrusive, being suspect under the best of circumstances. A high-risk, as CNN put it, entry, without proper intelligence and someone so excited they shot ten rounds into the apartment from an outdoor patio. The entire situation was complete overreaction to every instinct a good cop should have. 

That officer who fired those rounds was fired, but is appealing the ruling. Who puts someone that is so nervous they fire rounds into the house of someone who is supposed to be alone, without knowing where or whom they are firing at. If the officers are creating the atmosphere of criminality, how is anyone supposed to do anything other than get shot, repeatedly. 

One of the aspects of this situation is the constant marginalizing of the victim. The judge took 30 minutes to consider 5 no-knock warrants, all with the same cookie cutter language, when faced with what was obviously a poorly approved warrant for the officers to shoot at will after breaking down a door.  The judge replied, that she could not speak to ongoing cases, and that Breonna’s tragedy will “stay with me forever” it doesn’t ever strike her there was no need for this to have taken place at all, and that her sentiment is from someone privileged to have a forever in the first place. 

All this would have taken was one day to examine the evidence and background on the warrants for each location. It would have drawn red flags in Breonna’s case immediately. Absolutely contradicting the basis of the warrant which was there were known to have camera’s, and be aware of what is going on, to be destroying evidence and most suspect of all fleeing from law enforcement. Breonna was a EMT, well respected and looked up to in her community. She had never fled law enforcement, installed a camera or had any evidence to destroy. 

There was little or no regard for the people and circumstances surrounding the killing of Breonna Taylor, to make a fine point there continues to be resistance to charges for the officers who were clearly not telling the truth, but in truth were attempting for the justice system to cover them by prosecutors, legal aides, clerks and the Judge’s staff, all failing to use even a small amount of common legal sense when evaluating a warrant’s validity.

There has been some little progress with the banning of no-knock warrants, but what do you do with average citizens telling police, that the people at their door did not identify themselves after repeatedly banging on the door. How do you explain a prosecutor who intentionally leaves out material evidence at a Grand Jury hearing, because it makes the police look not just bad but intentionally aggressive in their desire to shoot. 

How exactly did a warrant that could end in death of anyone, legally, be so casually signed off on, when the wording is so easily seen by anybody with a reasonable intelligence to be exactly the same for circumstances that are so different. 

When the pattern is found, we are supposed to use that information in the course of Justice. Five warrants all different in their inherent situations and circumstances at five different locations, are all approved by the officials in the exact same way. The evidence not checked, the backgrounds of suspects not considered, the warrant language almost word for word the same. The list of officials in that signed off on these warrants is longer and more involved because they give the officers the right to not identify themselves or announce they have a warrant. This is a pattern of abuse, at several levels, and is obvious in its intent to target with extreme prejudice anyone who is Black, because the paperwork process shows it. Not one official checked any of the necessary cause and effect on any of these warrants, because it just didn’t matter. It was assumed all the suspects were guilty, and the pattern of approval shows it. Followed by a pattern of making sure all circumstances were then twisted to suit what police said happened, which is not close to being born out by the facts. 

Reporting by CNN from audio recording, affidavits, and official statements. 

The pattern of disconnected official regulatory practice are that of the author from known legal systems, not always in Kentucky, where the disconnect is certainly greater than expressed here. 

Another update tomorrow – say her name Breonna Taylor

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