Do You Know The Only Black Woman in Kentucky State Legislature? 

Attica Woodson Scott is an American based politician from the commonwealth branch in Kentucky. Woodson was born on January 30, 1972.  She serves in the Kentucky house of representatives. She is a registered Democrat.

Get to Know an Outstanding Person

Attica Scott graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Tennessee. After her graduation, Scott worked as a community organizer on criminal justice and racial equality for all.

Rise Through Competence That Can’t Be Denied

Scott was later selected by the Louisville Metro Council to take Judy Green place.  Green was evicted from the council after she was faced with ethics violations. In 2012, Scott won a special election held to take over the office of Judy Green. In 2014, Scott lost her seat to Green’s daughter in a reelection run.

A No-Brainer For Her Seat

In 2017, Scott vied for the seat in Kentucky House of Reps. She defeated the Democratic incumbent Tom Riner. In this election, Scott had no competition from any republican candidate. She was the first African American woman to have an elective seat in the Kentucky General Assembly.

How She Was Involved In Protests

In late May and the whole of June 2020, Scot held demonstrations with her neighbors from West Louisville. An area that has the majority of its residents as blacks in protests against the shooting and killing of Breonna Taylor. Her main grievance to the local government and the media was the excessive use of force against the peaceful protesters by law enforcement departments.

Her Good Works That Annoyed The Other Members of the Kentucky House

Scott is also known for her charity and community service work. In 2020 she supported a bill that was referred called Maternal Care Access and Reducing Emergencies. She bravely sponsored this bill that had the primary purpose of removing or reducing tax on certain vital baby care products. They included such items as diapers, baby pacifiers, bobbles, and baby wipes. In order to reduce the tax expenses to families when purchasing those necessities.

The Affront To White Rule In Kentucky Legislature

Attica Scott has also been known to have asked the Louisville Mayor to resign from his seat. That she felt he was not handling the rising cases of racism and police brutality in his area. She also asked the Mayor be held accountable with the police officers involved in the deaths of David McAtee and Breonna Taylor.

A Charge That Is Suspect

On September 24, 2020, Scott was arrested on allegations of rioting in the 1st degree a class D felony and two other cases of misdemeanors. All concerning the protests held in Louisville during the aftermath of the shooting and killing of Breonna Taylor.

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