AG subpoenas everyone who ever has been passed paper, video, or audio with Jefferey Epstein. For the better part of nine months, Denise George, the Virgin Island Attorney General has been quietly going after everyone who has ever been involved with Jeffery Epstein.

It would not be surprising if in the next six months or so there are indictments of many in government positions. There are subpoena’s for records of video, audio, and documents, held at all the Epstein properties. Multiple Banks, not just JP Morgan, or Deutsche Bank, have been subpoenaed to account for transactions performed in the millions by the attorney’s for Epstein, during the years he was under investigation.

Subpoena’s are covering activities such as immigration documentation, and there is little doubt where in the government that will lead. Subpoena’s for redactions of redactions to be removed on all government correspondence, in the years leading up to Epstein’s death. This is for all girls and boys, or anyone who was recorded on video and audio and paper at all the properties Epstein owns.

These documents were held back by Epstein’s attorneys because they were involved in a civil litigation that had not been connected to any outside organizations. But with video and audio evidence collected in the New York raid of Epstein’s outrageously expensive Manhattan Mansion. The flood gates have opened.

Epstein had actually spent years documenting and recording all his victims. People who participated in the lackluster prosecution and conviction of the pedophile are now finding themselves under the lens of Denise George’s microscope. As are billionaires, government officials, and celebrities.

The case itself is deeply confidential, and the subpoena’s cover a wide range of documents. But one thing is for certain, what went on at Epstein’s properties will not be a secret for long.

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