Sean Reed was a 21-year-old Black American man. He was shot and killed by a police officer in Indianapolis in May 2020. The family filed a lawsuit against the department for using excessive and deadly force during the killing.

The lawsuit was filed on June 6, which was Sean’s birthday. The lawsuit alleged that the Indianapolis Police Department and the city of Indianapolis did not correctly train officers in civilian engagement and de-escalation.

Sean Reed’s mother, Demetree Wynn, was once recorded during an interview saying,” This fight is not over. His life is not over. And don’t forget who my son is because you can’t see him. We can’t talk about how this day was meant to go. But I can’t stand here with him because he was taken away from me.”

On May 6, Police officers from a local department responded to reports of Reed driving carelessly and dangerously on an Indianapolis Interstate. The officers started to chase Reed immediately. Sean got live on Facebook during the chase and was believed to speak to his viewers directly. As he parked, he was heard telling his viewers his address and also heard saying, “please come get me.”