The Death of Sandra Bland


Sandra Bland was a 28-year-old woman with an African-American origin. She was found hanging in a jail cell in Waller county Texas on July 13, 2015. This incident happened three days after she was arrested during a pretextual stop by some traffic officers. Her death case was ruled a suicide. It was followed by some heated protests against her arrest, disputing the cause of death, and there were also some racial violence claims against her.

Sandra Bland was pulled over for some minor traffic violation on July 10 by state trooper Brian Encinia. The pullover escalated, and as a result, Sandra was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer. The whole incidence was recorded by Encinia’s dashcam and also Sandra’s phone. After the authorities reviewed the footage, Encinia was placed in a compulsory administrative leave to follow proper traffic stop procedures.

In December 2015, a grand jury refused to indict the officer Encinia and jail for the felonies relating to Sandra Bland’s death. The following this ruling Encinia was indicted for perjury of making false statements about the circumstances surrounding Bland’s arrest. The Texas Department of Public Safety subsequently fired him.

s a vicinanza

I have found, from speaking with thousands of people since 1994, that no one plays the victim, that is impossible. Some people manufacture pain, to cover a deeper pain, that is hard to face. When we accuse people of playing a role, it is good to know, how that role manifested. There we find the attack, in whatever form that may be, that created the victim, every time.