November 4, 2020

The media delivered no clear facts on the protest march in downtown Portland Oregon. There was reports of widespread riots, arrests, damage to property and violence. A man was arrested wearing a tactical vest and carrying a rifle. He had an IED, hundred rounds of ammunition in separate magazines. Still no word on who he is and why he is being lumped in with peaceful protesters.

Who are the protesters, what affiliation do they have? If they are mostly the peaceful protesters from the night before, Election Night, then why isn’t anyone reporting who and what the upset would be about today.

Reports of violence and property damage, 11 arrests, okay, who and what? People are tired of the peaceful protesters being blamed for the armed, combative, destructive, thugs. They come to make the peaceful protesters look bad. To make sure blame is placed squarely on those who want nothing but true democracy.

Portland called out the National Guard, police were somehow defenseless against unarmed people. Those who obviously were not involved with the destruction. It boggles the mind that other media outlets don’t speak out. We could tell just from a few pictures that the weapons and places were obviously Domestic White Terrorist type of weapons.

Our concern is that if they were from white infiltrators, and not reported, why isn’t it reported. Media is for the people, not for a political platform. To disclose all the information is not a sometime occurrence, or just if it suits the producers ideas of news. It is how we remain informed, and free. It is fairness, the right to be presented accurately.

The reporting was badly skewed and deeply troubling. To blame a diffuse and unknown group of “protesters” is to fuel the anger and hate by those groups and people who would destroy democracy. As they are claiming to do it to “help” democracy.

Omission is just as loud a yell as proclaiming victory just to make sure people hear the words, even if the event has taken place.

Katu Article Badly Skewed