Update They came out in droves for Jennifer


Valley Stream, Long Island, New York.

Jennifer McLeggan is a registered nurse, who owns a house in Valley Stream NY. In 2017 she moved into the house with her daughter. Almost the first day of life in that new home that she bought she was harassed  by one of her neighbors. Despite filing police reports, calling county officials and having her plight showcased by mainstream media, she is still living in fear for herself and her daughter.

That justice is swift and complete in other instances of violent intimidation, menacing, and terrorizing a person and their family, has not been an aspect of these ongoing instances. Ms McLeggan, a respected member of the healthcare services, working to save COVID-19 suffers everyday, was told the same tired stories time after time. There is nothing that can be done until there is an assault on you or your daughter directly.

That there could be retaliation from others if she records the persons, or charges harassment every time there is an incident of gun toting, abusive language, or some type of horrible item is left for her and her school age daughter.

There is a very big gap in what is being done here, as opposed to what would be done for others. And in Nassau County, a county run by a county executive who is herself someone who understands these situations, there seems to be an ongoing racist underbelly that is not so secretly aligned with those who harass minorities. There were incidents recently in Hempstead, Merrick and Atlantic Beach, there does seem to be a pattern to severe racist incidents where attempted murder is plainly the charge, and murder was the intent.

In the face of ongoing issues Ms McLeggan’s situation should cause more of a response, not less. There should be the protections afforded the majority’s usual protections, with a direct line to authorities and a swift response that can catch these thugs and animals while they are harming good people.

The leisurely response at all levels of authority shows intent to not interfere with a campaign of hatred and cruelty that is years long, and with so many involved, the response could be justified on many levels. Authorities go to great lengths to protect people they feel are unjustly targeted. Why then have they abandoned a frontline worker, single mom, with a young daughter, who has shown time and again that she is being unjustly treated by a group of racists.

Why do authorities need to be constantly reminded of humanity. If they don’t feel someone is human, they should know, they just don’t belong in their positions. Fighting for humanity, for people, is what a public office is, and people who hold those offices must stand up and be counted among those facing real world issues of racial inequality and hate.

Please call Nassau County State Offices and let them know how you feel.

County Executive 1-(516)571-3131

Twitter @NassauExecutive

FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/NCexecutive/

Please don’t rest until something is done.

See the petitions for Department of Diversity


COVID-19 Mandate so a response like this never happens in our country again