Three of the most inspiring moments of humanity, the small against the mighty, art making science, and sophisticated dance you will see today.

Standing your ground, speaking truth from the small to the mighty.

When we offer music, Carlos Santana comes to mind, speaking to Peter Jennings, he said Music Changes the Air, and Jennings looked at him incredulous. It what? Jennings said. Santana simply replied, I have been doing this a long time, Music changes the molecules in the air, changing the air itself. The scientists among us would disagree, but in this instance they would be wrong, there is a deep connection between the creation of art and music and science. Here we have a generational change in the air so effective it inspires and teaches by sound.

Generations of all people can meet and exchange brilliance, its not just for the privileged, this dance, its tutelage, is as sophisticated as any classically trained dancer. It is just different, then what the classic dancer knows. And is especially unknown to those who decide who gets to dance in their classes, and who doesn’t.