Our Local Friend is making a difference. Here is Regina Platt in her own words.

My name is Regina Platt and I filed to run for District 3 City Council Friday morning with the petition. Back in February of 2021, I formed an exploratory committee to determine likely support for my run. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming. During that time, we started to raise money to reach our goal and have surpassed our initial expectations and will continue that endeavor.

I am a proud mother to a son and two daughters and a grandmother of 2 precious grandbabies. I was raised in Topeka and attended Topeka Public Schools and graduated from Topeka High School in 1999. I graduated from Bryan Career College where I studied business administration. I am employed at the Kansas Juvenile Corrections Complex and teach Advocacy 101.

As a member of True Holiness Family Church, I serve in the ministry and partner with them to distribute meals to my community. Through my involvement with Omni Group, I have participated in voter registration and community beautification projects. My volunteering at Bethel University has allowed me to train staff on restorative justice practices. Faith and Hard Works Ministries volunteering has provided me the opportunity to organize and distribute Toys for Tots on an annual basis. I also enjoy facilitating the Mosaic Partner Pairs through Topeka United.

As I work to represent my District, I will address the many urgencies I have heard from constituents as I continue to go door to door. The status quo has left our District in despair and our community deserves better. Rest assured, I would never accept to double my salary as the current District 3 representative did. Our dollars are needed in the community.

  • ¬†Constituents have the human right to a living wage. Families deserve to thrive rather than merely work to survive
  • ¬†Enhanced youth programs are crucial. We must offer wrap-around services and mentorship because the youth are our future
  • We need safe and affordable housing now.
  • Our roads, sidewalks, and basic infrastructure continue to deteriorate. There needs to be equality in the distribution of funds and infrastructure on the East side of Topeka as there has been on the Westside.
  • I will work with Greater Topeka Partnership to revitalize our vacant structures to enhance our minority entrepreneurship and small businesses.

Additionally, we will begin to see a reduction in crime as we lessen the number of abandoned structures and address neighborhood blight. District 3 voices need to be heard as we sit at the table. With this partnership, my hard work and your vote on August 3rd, we will bridge gaps that have historically defined Topeka. I welcome your phone calls and emails. You can contact me at 785-383-8930 and [email protected]