Epstein’s Contacts at a Minimum

There were proven 1500 very important people in Jeffery Epstein’s contact book. There is no reason to believe those people were not contacted at some point to visit Epstein’s island, or townhouse, Palm Beach estate or ranch. That includes Republicans and Democrats, right leaning and left leaning, foreigners and dignitaries and celebrities of all kinds. 

If we assume no one else voluntarily sought out Epstein, then we have his legal team, his friendship with the Palm Beach crowd, the Manhattan Art scene, and the Political scene in New Mexico. Those individuals went to Epstein’s parties, which were thrown every few days, as a way to build influence and power, from the top down. 

There is little chance that a highly elite defense team, aligned with Donald Trump, could maintain a coincidental connection to Epstein, whether the team started with Epstein or Trump, it just doesn’t matter. The two are connected to keep secrets across attorneys. Unfortunately, it is proven Epstein was a donor to the US’s most respected institutions, Harvard, The MOMA, MIT, and in that we see a connection that flows from power to disgust.

Some groups say it is only the Clinton’s or the Biden’s, some say only the Trumps or the Republicans. The legal teams show a direct link to all parties, through their holdings and their society connections. All types of important people, attend important functions, across all types of lines. 

There just isn’t any evidence that VP Biden, his family, or friends, ever attended any of Epstein’s parties, functions, or participated in perversions Epstein’s friends committed on children. In fact, the Biden’s and Obama’s are deeply committed to child welfare, and are often seen, listening, interacting, and taking initiatives from children. Something an Epstein or Trump would despise, and neither are ever pictured engaging in such compassionate and respectful behaviors. 

There is in fact little of the compassion and respect in any of the groups now claiming that the democrats are engaged in despicable and disgusting behavior. This points the finger squarely back on themselves as engaging in behavioral projection. 

There is very little doubt that the people who attended Epstein’s parties could have been unaware of what behaviors he was engaged. And the lack of attention paid to this behavior is what is causing widespread instances of that very behavior. History sees this, and most everyone knows it, and there it is, an abuse model. Being used by our most respected institutions, and our most prominent functionaries.

To limit the scope and occurrence to just one bad guy, or bad group, begs the thought, that if society stamps it out one person at a time it will be gone.  But pedophilia is easily identified and just as easily irradiated is not gone or going. It is one of the most widespread crimes next to domestic violence and rape of women. 

The idea of raping children is the most difficult act for anyone to consider. This is exactly how those who run the human trafficking rings function. Those that spread the media attached to the rings of pedophiles. Their bosses walk the halls of congress, honored institutions, and build relationships with wide portions of the population. 

There must be a reckoning when violence is one of our most engaging pass-times, rape is just popular litigation and child porn is as easy to find on the internet as someone’s Twitter handle. It is that such things are accepted as common course, he said she said or it’s not happening to my son or daughter. Canceling a celebrity is no where near helping the thousands of trafficked girls and boys, women and men kidnapped and forced into bondage through out our country.  

If it was someone close to you it simply would be impossible to sleep at night. 

Epstein, Maxwell, Wexner, Dershowitz, Gaetz, the list is long and includes presidents, deans, government officials, heads of mega companies. Collectively facing child rape, child enslavement, child trafficking is difficult but probably the easiest crime to identify. Precisely because it is the world’s most open secret.