The messages circulating on social media are false. The NAACP had no information about violence this weekend focusing on Black people.

Thursday 11/5/2020 at 8pm a message was received of a stark warning that was transmitted from sources inside the NAACP. Credible authorities were said to be reporting plans of white supremacist groups to kidnap Black men and boys off the streets. These men and boys will be shot, hanged, beaten and generally assaulted at will. The death of those that are attacked is the main objective.

The NAACP has not received any such information and states the social media messages circulating at this time are false. It is believed, and the NAACP announcement details, the Huey P Newton Group may be the source of this disinformation. Unfortunately, in these turbulent times, there are many who seek violent conflict. They will try to frighten people into that type of reaction.

The call is for caution, as sometimes the exposure of such misinformation can cause reactionary groups to do exactly what was threatened in retaliation. But to slow the spread of fear, the NAACP this particular set of messages were important enough to put out a statement as seen here –


In many quarters and reported by us there seems to be an initiative to disrupt protesters in favor of positive democratic process. Armed protesters, property damage, calls to end the violence when video clearly shows counterprotesters being armed, breaking windows and throwing objects at police and peaceful protesters.

There have been reports of aggressive Trump supporters being fueled by conspiracy theorists at vote counting stations. Then calmer heads prevail, but the crowds remain, in a blatant attempt to intimidate counters.

The country is tense, as many influencers call for calm patience voices on the right cry out for violence and retaliation to anyone other then Trump in the Oval.

The truth of those denying democracy work hard to make like they embrace it.

The reality has very little to do with the reporting by the main networks and media outlets.

NAACP Executive level personnel are calling for calm. While many feel fighting is the answer, those who have been on the front lines of disrupting racial injustice, for 50 years, say protest.  Strong voices, non-violent protest causes more permanent change, then violent conflict. They want to end the use of the race classification completely. Believe in them.